#AuthorsonTour – Home by @CaileanSteed – The Things We Do To Our Friends by @HeatherDarwent @BlackwellEdin @BloomsburyRaven @VikingBooksUK #DebutThrillers #BookEvent #BookTwt #AuthorTwt

A wonderful evening at Blackwells Edinburgh on the 9th Feb 2023. Debut authors Cailean Steed and Heather Darwent are on an author book tour and I was delighted to be able to attend. Both books really sound exceptional. I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of Heather's book The Things We Do To … Continue reading #AuthorsonTour – Home by @CaileanSteed – The Things We Do To Our Friends by @HeatherDarwent @BlackwellEdin @BloomsburyRaven @VikingBooksUK #DebutThrillers #BookEvent #BookTwt #AuthorTwt

21st Century Fledgling Female Fiction @FledglingPress @BlackwellEdin #BookEvent #Edinburgh

On the 27th of October, 2018, I was delighted to have attended a Fledgling Press, book event. 21st Century Fledgling Female Fiction at Blackwells Bookstore, Edinburgh. With an array of Fledgling Press Authors and chaired by Elizabeth Frattaroli. It made for a wonderful bookish afternoon. What was very interesting was that no men attended the event. … Continue reading 21st Century Fledgling Female Fiction @FledglingPress @BlackwellEdin #BookEvent #Edinburgh

Three Kinds of Kissing by the late, Helen Lamb @VagabondVoices @BlackwellEdin #BookLaunch

On the 25th of October, 2018 I was very lucky to be at the book launch for Three Kinds of Kissing by the late Helen Lamb. The event was beautiful and for me personally a life-changing experience. I have been to 100's of book launches and this one was incredibly special. The love in the … Continue reading Three Kinds of Kissing by the late, Helen Lamb @VagabondVoices @BlackwellEdin #BookLaunch

Assured Attention @JaneTulloch1 ‏ @BlackwellEdin @comelybankpub #Event

  Hello Lovelies, Last night I was in Edinburgh at Blackwell's bookstore for the launch party Assured Attention by Jane Tulloch. I've done a mini review. I hope you enjoy it, Kelly xoxo Jane Tulloch ~ Edinburgh ~ Blackwells Bookstore Last night Blackwells Bookstore was packed with people eager to hear Jane Tulloch discuss her new … Continue reading Assured Attention @JaneTulloch1 ‏ @BlackwellEdin @comelybankpub #Event

Care To Die By Tana Collins ~ Book Launch @BlackwellEdin @CollinsJacky @Bloodhoundbook

Hello Lovelies, Last night I was delighted to attend the book launch for Care To Die by Tana Collins at my favourite bookstore in Edinburgh, Blackwells.  Care To Die is the second book in the Inspector Jim Carruthers series.  The event was chaired by Dr Noir, Jacky Grámosi Collins, which for me was an unexpected delight, as Jacky is … Continue reading Care To Die By Tana Collins ~ Book Launch @BlackwellEdin @CollinsJacky @Bloodhoundbook

Release @Patrick_Ness @WalkerBooksYA #BookEvent @BlackwellEdin Spoiler Free

The most personal and tender novel yet from Patrick Ness, the twice Carnegie Medal-winning author of A Monster Calls. It's Saturday, it's summer and, although he doesn't know it yet, everything in Adam Thorn's life is going to fall apart. But maybe, just maybe, he'll find freedom from the release. Time is running out though, … Continue reading Release @Patrick_Ness @WalkerBooksYA #BookEvent @BlackwellEdin Spoiler Free

Billionaires’ Banquet @RonButlinMakar @BlackwellEdin @saltpublishing #Booklaunch

As I headed to Edinburgh on the train to my now second home, Blackwells Bookstore, for the launch party of Billionaires' Banquet, I pondered what lay ahead.  Each launch I attend is unique.  Tonight event did not disappoint if anything Ron Butlins reading and discussion, raised the bar high. Ron Butlin is so engaging with … Continue reading Billionaires’ Banquet @RonButlinMakar @BlackwellEdin @saltpublishing #Booklaunch

Dates With Dangerous Authors #Event @BlackwellEdin #Edinburgh

Crime and books were on everyone's mind today at the 'Dates with Dangerous Authors' event to at one of my favourite bookstores. Blackwells Edinburgh. With a hive of talented Authors, it was lovely to talk about books and meet new people. Lot's of new reviews and Q&A's lined up for the blog. Participating Authors: Christopher Brookmyre … Continue reading Dates With Dangerous Authors #Event @BlackwellEdin #Edinburgh

#ForMySins @AlexNyeWriter @BlackwellEdin @FledglingPress Event Review

I ventured up and into the wonderful city of Edinburgh last night. It was a very wet and cold dreich night, I arrived far too early which allowed me the treat of walking around the treasure trove that is the Blackwells bookstore.  I was there to hear Alex Nye talk about her book For My … Continue reading #ForMySins @AlexNyeWriter @BlackwellEdin @FledglingPress Event Review