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Hello Lovelies,

Last night I was delighted to attend the book launch for Care To Die by Tana Collins at my favourite bookstore in Edinburgh, Blackwells.  Care To Die is the second book in the Inspector Jim Carruthers series.  The event was chaired by Dr Noir, Jacky Grámosi Collins, which for me was an unexpected delight, as Jacky is undoubtedly one of the most genuine, kind and inspirational people I have met on my blogging journey. 

Jacky Grámosi Collins  & Tana Collins

Tana Collins may have been nervous but it didn’t show, it was a superb interview by Jacky and Tana was engaging with the audience and effervescent about her wonderful books.

It was wonderful to learn that Castletown was in fact based on a real Scottish town but by using a made up name it gave Tana greater creative scope to work with and also she wouldn’t offend anyone from the real town.  I was very happy to hear that book three is complete and will be released in 2018.

It was lovely to see some friendly faces in the crowd, Lesley Kelly, Jackie Mclean and Allison Brady. All of whom made my evening that extra bit special.

Here are some photos from the event.

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IMG_8578IMG_8587IMG_8591IMG_8590IMG_8568 (Edited)IMG_8599

You can also read our Crime Fiction Takeover interview that we did with Tana not to long ago.  ~ Click To Read

Here’s a little about Tana’s books and where to order ~

You can purchase both books at Blackwells Bookstore Online

Also, they are available from Amazon ~


Huge thanks to Tana Collins, for a superb launch. Also, the invitation to celebrate the launch with dinner and fabulous conversation with lovely people afterwards was a true delight.



4 thoughts on “Care To Die By Tana Collins ~ Book Launch @BlackwellEdin @CollinsJacky @Bloodhoundbook

  1. I can’t thank you enough for that. What a wonderful blog about my launch and some fab pics. It was so good to see you and share the evening with you! A huge thank you

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