Dates With Dangerous Authors #Event @BlackwellEdin #Edinburgh


Crime and books were on everyone’s mind today at the ‘Dates with Dangerous Authors’ event to at one of my favourite bookstores. Blackwells Edinburgh.

With a hive of talented Authors, it was lovely to talk about books and meet new people. Lot’s of new reviews and Q&A’s lined up for the blog.

Participating Authors:

Christopher Brookmyre + The Mulgray Twins + Alanna Knight + Martin Edwards + Ruth Dudley Edwards + Linda Stratmann + E.S. Thomson + Matt Bendoris + Christine Poulson + Oscar de Muriel + Doug Johnstone + Aly Monroe + Kate Ellis + Marianne Wheelaghan + Marsali Taylor + Alex Gray + Frances Brody + Jonathan Whitelaw + Jean Briggs + Aline Templeton + Wendy Jones + Mark Leggatt + Sara Sheridan + Leigh Russell + Stuart Macbride + Chris Longmuir

Here are some photographs I took,

IMG_5603 (Edited)
Angela Wren
Mark Leggatt


Aly Monroe



Chris Brookmyre, Doug Johnstone & Stuart McBride 


Wendy Jones & Chris Longmuir
Wendy Jones




Chris Longmuir


IMG_5604 (Edited) (1)
Leigh Russell 



IMG_5625 (Edited)
Fantastic Swag Goodies 




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