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Snowed In At The Practice by Penny Parkes

Guest review by Daisy Hollands

This is a chunky book, coming in at just under 500 pages. It’s not a taxing read though. I was so into the story that I was able to race through the chapters.

Let’s start with the cover – how enticing is this? Silver snowflakes fluttering down over the wintry scene. Love it.

“The Practice” of the title is a busy doctors’ surgery in the bustling town of Larkford. The story is set in and around the practice. We meet the doctors and find out how they are juggling their busy surgeries with the stresses of their lives outside of work.

Penny Parkes writes beautifully; she really captures all the emotions of her characters. And the characters are really well rounded and well written. I could definitely see these characters in a TV mini-series.

The story has everything. It is warm and humorous, but with a healthy dose of realism as well. It adds to the authenticity of the story, real people lead imperfect lives.
I was thrilled to find out that Snowed In At The Practice is part of a series (The Larkford Series) and there are three further books for me to discover and enjoy/

A fabulous seasonal read which could be enjoyed by anyone who loves to read characters who feel real, but particularly by fans of Gervase Phinn – this book gave me a similar vibe to his village school series.

5/5 stars

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