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Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

Guest review by Tanya Kaanta for Love Books Group

Samantha Young could pretty much write a romance about toads and I’d be smitten. Much Ado About You is her newest contemporary romance about second chances with a fairy tale feel. Bonus, our heroine is depicted as a typical thirty-something woman who just hasn’t found true love yet. And because she’s more “normal” I feel like it makes the story that much more enjoyable for the common reader.

Evie Starling is in need of a fresh start. Clue number 1? A job opening that should have been a no-brainer promotion for her goes to someone else. Clue number 2? Her boyfriend turns out to be far from the love of her life. And so, Evangeline decides to take a trip overseas. Leave her job, leave her failed relationship, and escape to a quaint English village, overseeing the Much Ado About Books bookstore, while renting the apartment upstairs.

Evie soon finds herself falling in love with the culture and people of the village. Add in one confident and handsome farmer who sparks her attention, why would she ever want to leave? But Evie is realistic and knows this is just a holiday getaway. Because how likely would it be for to pursue a relationship with Roane Robson when she is only there temporarily? Add in the fact she lives across an ocean. 

But Roane is persistent. Even if she doesn’t want a romantic relationship, their mutual attraction cannot be ignored. As they spend more time together, she soon learns that her expectations and preconceived notions may not always reflect real life, nor are they necessarily accurate.

As with many romances, there are secrets to uncover, misunderstandings to overcome, and realizations to be had. Bonus, there’s a secondary romance story in the village that also made my heart squee. I so enjoyed this contemporary romance, and while Evie and Roane don’t always make the smartest decisions when it comes to their relationship, they do finally lay it all out on the line when it matters. And the ending is a bit swoon-worthy for me, with a nod to that fairy-tale mood I mentioned earlier.

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