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Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner

Reviewed by Ally Brady on behalf of Love Book Tours

You could be forgiven for thinking you are reading a police procedural in the opening scenes of Before She Disappeared, however, it is so much more. The story follows Frankie, a middle-aged lady who is anything but the norm. In a bid to shy away from the traumas of her own past she dedicates her life to searching for missing people who seem to have been forgotten by the authorities, and all too often this is people from minority groups.

Frankie’s home is literally where she turns up to find her latest conquest, here, a neighbourhood in Boston you really do not want to be visiting alone. The plot revolves around Frankie’s pursuit to discover what happened in the days and weeks leading up to the disappearance of Angelique, a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl who went missing on her way home from school.  Frankie has a recklessness about her as she will do whatever it takes to find this girl, she’ll speak to the family, her friends, undesirables and will leave no stone unturned to find something the police have missed.

As each piece of information relating to Angelique’s life is unearthed it brings intrigue, suspense and good old-fashioned excitement to the reader. The relationships that Frankie builds up along the way gives depth to her character and to those who become entwined in her life and passion.I wholeheartedly recommend Before She Disappeared. It’s different, it’s totally absorbing and at times I forgot this was a fiction novel. I read it in one sitting. I would love for Lisa Gardner to make this into a series, I would certainly collect them all and read them with much pleasure.

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