Idle Hands by Cassondra Windwalker @AgoraBooksLDN #BookReview

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog. I haven’t blogged in ages and I have really missed it. I have read lot’s of books that need their review written and I plan on doing that very thing whilst I am on annual leave. Sometimes life and book blogging can become very overwhelming. You sign up to lots of tours with great intentions and then life things happen and you get behind. The key thing is writing those reviews for the gifted books. So I will catch up and get all mine on here and on Amazon too.

Idle Hands by Cassondra Windwalker
Gifted by Agora Books for an honest review.

The premise of the book is quite simple what if you could go back and change your life by taking a different path. We’ve all said it at some point in life, usually when we have hit rock bottom or something awful happens. That little “if only” sneak into your head.

We follow Perdie as she navigates her way through life. I have to say I really enjoyed Perdie’s story and I really liked her as a character. The writing of Perdie’s chapters flowed easily and I could connect with her and I really cared about what happened to her.

Where Pinocchio had the Jiminy cricket on his shoulder, Perdie has the devil watching her life with intense interest. The chapters of the devil didn’t work for me personally and that’s where I struggled with the book. I felt the devil chapters were longwinded and they seemed to go on and on. The language style used was very different from Perdie’s obviously to have a differentiating character style but it was almost as if it switched to a literary fiction style of writing which for me doesn’t appeal. I felt like they really weren’t necessary, the devil didn’t need that presence or voice throughout the book. They could have appeared at a key time and it would have had a better effect.

Overall this book would suit fans of contemporary fiction. If you like the idea of a what-if scenario. There are a plethora of relatable factors about the book and that’s why I kept reading. I really loved Perdie and overall it was a good three-star read for me.

Thank you to Agora Books London for my gifted copy.

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