FINDING HENRY APPLEBEE by Celia Reynolds @CeliaRWriter @0neMoreChapter_ #Bookreview #Readalong


by Celia Reynolds

Copy gifted for an honest review by One More Chapter.

We join Henry Applebee as he is heading towards a London train station with a small suitcase in hand. The hustle and bustle is a lot for this 83-year-old but he is a determined soul and will not miss that train for anything. But the universe works in mysterious ways and what follows is a series of events that takes you the reader on an emotional rollercoaster with invaluable life lessons along the way. You will finish the book equipped with a new Joie de vie. 

In full transparency, I did struggle at the beginning to get into the beat of the book. I had read something early this year and I thought that perhaps the plot lines were going to be a little similar. But after I had read a chapter of the book about a character Travis, I felt the writing changed for me. That injection of emotion about the character propelled me forward and I never looked back. So I would warn that if you too struggle a little in the opening chapters, please stick with it. I promise you will have no regrets.

The book covers a whole range of life emotions including family secrets and a lot of figuring out who you are in life. We all have that need in us to feel that we are important in one way or another. That we make a difference to someone’s life. That we matter. 

Times have changed and the goal of having a husband/wife and two kids with a house that has a picket fence. Is deemed so old fashioned and we tell our kids they can be whatever the hell they want to be in life. Which is absolutely awesome but also an incredible pressure too. One of the characters in the book is trying to find her place in life and is very lost with who and what she is meant to be. 

The power this book had over me was insane, I was on that train with Henry and I was listening to every word as he told his story. I felt the bounce of the train as it moved across the tracks and the chill of the cold snow outside. The author sucked me into her world and I loved it. 

I love when I learn from a book and I certainly did with Finding Henry Applebee. I closed the book and had new eyes for my world. What really is important? What do I really want out of life? I certainly want no big regrets.

Music is a huge part of the book both to Henry and Travis. I feel the book should come with it’s own soundtrack on Spotify. A few hours after typing my review I found out there is a playlist for each character.

This book is for people who enjoy a good character-driven plot with flip flops back to the past. A book for those a little lost perhaps and who need a few words of encouragement about life.

Thank you to One More Chapter for my gifted copy. 

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