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Wolf Hunter Inquisition by Miller Thomas

Waking to a macabre world filled with thirst, Danny Roberts finds himself a thrall to a vampire calling herself Mistress, compelled to bend to her every whim. A member of an organization called the Shepherds, Mistress keeps humanity safe from wolves, those who would harm the innocent and threaten the ancient peace between humans and Vampires. But all is not what it seems. Change is coming, dark forces stir in the corners of reality, and time is growing short. Will Danny be able to overcome his own weakness and embrace his destiny or succumb to the power lurking in the shadows?

Only time will tell…

Author Bio

An aspiring Indie author, Miller Thomas earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice, rekindling his love for writing from an early age after graduation. He works in data entry and loves reading (or telling) a good story to help him unwind.

Sneek Peek Excerpt

Darkness…pain…blood…blood everywhere…running down my fingers…soaking my clothes…oozing across my tongue… Ugh, my head! Am I dead? Where am I?

I awake, drenched in sweat. There’s the old, wobbly fan, slowly turning in my shitty apartment. Damn, another nightmare. My head’s throbbing, those pills that quack gave me aren’t worth shit. If anything, I feel worse! Why the f – k did I even go? That’s right, Aunt Charlotte, she said I wasn’t looking good, I needed to go get checked out. What a waste of f–king money. I work too f

—king hard just to piss it away on quack doctors. What I need is a good, stiff drink…

I open the fridge. Grabbing the bottle of Jack, I swish it around. Just enough for a shot…two if I’m lucky. I pull the cork and take a swig, who needs a glass, just more dishes. Ugh! What the hell? I spew it into the sink. That tasted like donkey piss, must’ve gone bad…but does whiskey even go bad? I know I had a few shots not too long ago… Argh, my f—king head! Feels like a sledgehammer in my brain! The room’s spinning. I reach for the counter…Too late, going down…


I lay on the linoleum for a few seconds, head reeling, room spinning.


My every nerve tenses.

Thu-thump… What’s that? Thu-thump…

The cabinet under the sink….


I inch closer, quiet, so, so quiet…


I swing open the doors and dive inside.


Thu-thump, thu-thump, thu-thump…

The headache’s better now…I wonder what happened, maybe the drink did me good after all…what the f—k’s in my mouth? A f—king, goddamn sewer rat! It lands on the floor, twitches, then dies. The taste of its blood lingers on my tongue. Why does it taste so…good? What the f—k’s wrong with me?

I stagger to the bathroom to face the monster staring back at me from the mirror. Blood runs from my mouth, caking in my beard, staining my white t-shirt. My eyes…are they…glowing? “What are you?” I ask aloud with a grimace. I feel something strange with my tongue and examine my teeth. They look like mine…but behind them are…others. Sharp, like shark’s teeth… this is beyond insane!

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