Losing My Inhibitions by Olivia Spring @ospringauthor #LoveBooks

Over the moon to be on Oliva Springs book blog tour for Losing My Inhibitions. I am huge fan of Olivia’s writing.

Losing My Inhibitions by Olivia Spring

He’s hot, single and off limits. She’s just got her life together after a messy divorce. Should she risk it all for a forbidden fling?

A year after leaving her controlling ex, Roxy’s divorce is finally official. She’s got her confidence and career back on track and is ready to start enjoying some no-strings-attached fun.

But just when Roxy thinks she has her dating plan all mapped out, a hot younger single man unexpectedly appears. On paper, he sounds like exactly what Roxy’s been looking for, until she’s warned that he’s strictly off limits. Getting involved with him will put her career, home and everything she’s worked for in extreme jeopardy. There’s a million reasons why Roxy shouldn’t give into his charms. The trouble is, he’s just too tempting…

Will Roxy take a chance and risk it all to pursue a forbidden fling? And if she does, can she find a way to let him rock her world, without turning it upside down?

Losing My Inhibitions is a laugh-out-loud, racy, romantic comedy with a modern twist. This story is about self-love, new beginnings, forging your own path in life and being true to yourself. It can be read as a standalone novel or as a prequel to The Middle-Aged Virgin and Only When It’s Love

Ideal for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Marian Keyes and Lindsey Kelk.

Download Losing My Inhibitions by exciting new British author Olivia Spring today!

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

All hail the new queen of funny, sexy romantic fiction, Olivia Spring.

Olivia is back with a bang (literally). Losing My Inhibitions was a brilliant read and in someways, it was spooky the comparisons between Roxy’s life and my own.

Roxy is starting a fresh chapter in her life. At forty-one and newly divorced she is finding her feet for the first time in years. Ready for love and eager to live life to the max then life throws her quite the sexy curveball. However, with all ball sports, there is always the danger of getting hurt.

A brilliant read with cringe-worthy moments captured perfectly and genius comedy that had me laughing out loud. You have been warned if you read this on the bus prepare for funny looks.

I can’t wait to see what Olivia Spring conjures up next but I will snap it up. All we need now is a movie deal for all three books. I love that the characters in Olivia’s books as relate-able.

A five star romp of a read, buy it today!

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