6 Caledon Street by D. Wells #LoveBooks

6 Caledon Street by D. Wells

In an attempt to escape her painful past Sarah Miller moves into a beautifully restored Edwardian property in Caledon Street. Soon her life intermingles with not only her concert pianist neighbour, and her landlord, but also upon the discovery of some dusty journals written by an original occupant of the house. Recognising parallels in her life and the young teenage girl’s among the crisp pages of the journal, Sarah is faced with the choice to overcome her past, or allow it to hinder her future. Izzy, Sarah’s best friend, is expecting her second child and unsure what her place in society really is. The challenges of being a mother and the pressure to have a thriving career, leave Izzy struggling to understand her purpose in life.Tessa, a blast from Sarah’s past, is also dealing with her own loss and grief. Their shared pain only highlights that neither woman has truly moved on and both are faced with difficult decisions.

Interview with D. Wells

D. Wells has self published four books, including her first full length novel 6 Caledon Street. She has always wanted to be an author and hopes to write many books in the future. She is married, with three children and has lived in the UK and Africa.

Can you tell us a little bit about your book?

6 Caledon Street is about a young widow Sarah, who moves into a converted Victorian townhouse. She discovers journals belonging to a previous occupant; a teenage girl living in the Edwardian era. Sarah decides to find out more about this young girl and the difficulties she faced, as well as to embrace her own new life, amid the other residents of 6 Caledon Street.

Who would your book be perfect for?

While my book is primarily aimed at females aged 25-40, anyone who likes the sound of a contemporary fiction, with an historical twist, might enjoy this novel.

Did you have a favourite character to write?

The main character Sarah has been through a painful time, as has the teenage girl in the journals, so I felt fond of them throughout the writing process. But I also loved to write about the smaller characters; Will, the bumbling and kind husband of Sarah’s best friend for example. I quite like the underdogs in a story.

What inspired you to the write the book?

The initial idea was birthed from a series of fictional blog posts I wrote years ago. I was inspired by my love of history, although originally I wasn’t clear when the journals should be set. The Edwardian period is an era I became interested in as so many social changes, such as the suffragette movement, was really taking hold then. So that time period became an inspiration.

What has been your proudest bookish moment?

Formatting and releasing my previous ebooks as paperbacks. As a self-published (indie) author, that was an exhausting and exhilarating experience!

Do you have any questions for your readers?

I would be keen the know my readers favourite characters are in 6 Caledon Street. There are quite a few, so it would be interesting to learn which ones were received well, and why.

What is your favourite read of your whole life and why?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I have read it three times (so far!) and each time something completely new strikes me; such as the dry humour and wit throughout. Last time I read it I noticed the male perspective more strongly than I had before. It’s such a multi layered book. I love it.

What are you working on now?

I’m writing a manuscript about three generations of women from one family. The bulk of the novel is set in the modern day following the granddaughter’s story, as well as post-war Britain through to the early seventies, following the grandmother. It is a story of a family torn apart by conflict and the granddaughter’s journey to the small Cornish town where her grandmother lived and where the conflict began.

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