#Author Interview – Julia Patten

Welcome to Love Books Group blog, today we have an interview with Julia Patten and we find out more about Julia’s latest release State of Mind 

Julia Patten lives at the edge of the English Lake District with close family nearby.

After spending her early working life in London, writing commercial material, she set up her own freelance publicity service for local businesses wanting leaflets, brochures, newsletters etc when she moved to theLake District.  In 2011, she joined alocal writing group where it was suggested everyone writes a novel. This is when the fiction writing bug hit hard, she says. ‘It was strange at first. I thought I’d be free to write in any way I wanted, but I soon realised writing fiction has to be managed with the same discipline as writing commercial material.’   Since then she has completed seventeen novels and is in the final stages of her eighteenth. She has also produced over 250 poems and a book of short stories.

More information can be found on her website: www.novelsforyou.wix.com/novelsforyou. You can also email Julia direct through her contact page.

First pages of her novels/synopses and purchases can be made at the publisher’s website: www.feedaread.com. Just search Julia Patten.

♥ Author Interview ♥

Q.Where did the inspiration come from for your current book?

A. I wanted to write something with a psychological bent; something where reality and imagination merge and it isn’t always straightforward for the reader to know which is which.

Q.Do you have a special ritual you do when you’ve finished writing a book?

A. Once I’ve finished my first draft, I breathe a big sigh of relief, amazed that I’ve managed to produce a coherent story. There’s no time to sit on my laurels, though. The manuscript has to be read and re-read for mistakes. After that, I have to find three or four beta-readers; ordinary people who will read my corrected draft and give me feedback. That isn’t the end of it. Feedback sometimes means more changes. Then I self-publish a first copy.  Here, again, I check through and often find typos which have escaped all the beady eyes.  Once I correct the first issue, I re-publish and hope upon hope that I’ve spotted all the faults, from a full-stop in the wrong place to a wrong spelling. Then my novel is published ready for sale.

Q.What has been your favourite read in 2018?

A. To be honest, I’ve been too busy writing to think about reading anything of any length. This year, I’ve published two novels: SWAP about a happy marriage until husband and wife swap roles after the birth of their daughter; and PURPLE DAWN, about fierce adult, sibling rivalry. I’ve also reworked a selection of poetry to produce three new booklets: ENTWINED IN RHYME (love and attraction), POLITICS IN WRYM (tongue-in-cheek UK politics) and RHYME AROUND THE LAKES (nature poems inspired by the English Lake District).

Q. photo that tells a story?

Q. Can you pick three books which have influenced your life?

A.  I can remember vividly being at school and having to read, understand and learn Shakespeare’s writing word for word. I hated it, and I strongly suspect this is the reason why I never turn to reading fiction when I want to relax. Factual books are a different matter. Although there isn’t one particular book which comes to mind, I have enjoyed reading many books on psychology, during and after taking my psychology degree.  I daresay my interest in psychology shows itself in my writing, which often goes into character’s heads.

Q. If your book had its own theme song what would it be?

A. Music plays a minuscule part in my life. Whilst I love to boogie to a beat rhythm and enjoy listening to classical piano music, especially while I’m tapping away at my laptop, that’s where my interest ends. 

Q. If your book was made into a movie, who would you like to play the main characters?

A. I often see my novel as a movie or TV play. Because it takes place in particular locations, the story would easily transfer to the screen. When I created the main character, Jenna, in her thirties, I imagined someone tall, rather a bean-pole, with a thick wavy, auburn bob. I suppose I’d have to find someone with this appearance, first and foremost.

Q.Do you have any questions for  your readers?

A. I often hear readers say how boring some books from established writers are, and how they struggled to get through.  I would like reassurance from my readers that my novel, STATE OF MIND, is not in this category but is readable and entertaining. That’s what I aim for.

Q. If you could say something to your reader before starting your book?

A. I would always say: the plot builds!  You will rarely find a dead body in the sitting room in the first chapter of any of my books.  One step leads to another and hence the story becomes more involved as the characters relationships develop.

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One thought on “#Author Interview – Julia Patten

  1. I have read several of Julia’s books. I find them very entertaining and nice relaxing reads that do not over tax the brain. The type of book I like to read relaxing on the beach or in the garden on a nice warm afternoon. They all have a good start to them that makes you want to keep reading. The stories are very different. You do not get the feeling you are reading the same book just with name changes, as you do with a lot of authors who write more than one book. They also have very satisfying endings.


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