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Jackie Baldwin stops by today with an exclusive guest post. We also have two signed copies of Perfect Dead to giveaway.

♥ Blurb ♥

Sometimes perfection is worth killing for…

The second gripping crime novel in an exciting new series. Ex-priest DI Frank Farrell finds himself on the trail of a vicious killer in rural Scotland. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride, James Oswald and Val McDermid.

Each murder brings him one step closer to the perfect death.

Ex-priest DI Farrell is called on to investigate a gruesome death in rural Scotland. All evidence points to suicide, except for one loose end: every light in the cottage was switched off. Why would he kill himself in the dark?

The question sparks a murder investigation that leads to the mysterious Ivy House, home of ‘The Collective’, a sinister commune of artists who will do anything to keep their twisted secrets hidden.

And when the remains of a young girl are uncovered on a barren stretch of coastline, Farrell realises that there is something rotten in this tight-knit community. Now he must track down a ruthless killer before another person dies, this time much closer to home…

♥ Author Information ♥

Jackie Baldwin
Jackie Baldwin

Jackie Baldwin was born in Dumfries. She studied law at Edinburgh University returning to Dumfries to practice criminal and family law for the next twenty years. During that time she married and had two children and a variety of pets. She later retrained as a hypnotherapist. Dead Man’s Prayer is her debut crime novel and is set in Dumfries. When not working or writing, Jackie can generally be found in a forest or by the beach on long muddy walks with her two Retrievers.

♥ Guest Post  ♥

This is an imagined meeting between DI Frank Farrell and his psychiatrist just before the series commences with his return to Dumfries.

DI Frank Farrell is sitting in a worn leather armchair in the office of his psychiatrist.

How have things been? Fine, up to a point. I get up, go to work, back home. It’s alife. Work is my life. Best thing I ever did joining the force. Every time I stop a bad guy in his tracks I know I made the right decision. I didn’t choose the priesthood. It was chosen for me. There was an inevitability about it. Right from I was a wee boy I had it drummed into me I was a priest in waiting. My mother wanted it to the point of obsession.  Odd kind of life to wish for your only son. Mind you, my mother didn’t count on Laura Ingles. What happened to her? Married my best friend eventually, got a bunch of kids. I’m glad she’s happy.  Did I mention he’s also my new boss?

Within a week of entering the seminary, I felt I’d made the right decision. For the first time, I started to feel God, not just imagine him as some old geezer sitting on a cloud moving us all round like chess pieces. Some of the theothers baulked at the discipline, the endless prayers and devotions, the complete abnegation of self. Me? I relished it. I felt it kept the darkness at bay, shored me up against temptation. You’d be surprised how many priests are running away from themselves. People tend to view good and evil in simplistic terms, i.e. you’re one or the other. I tend to think that we’re all a bit of both and that the proportions fluctuate minute by minute with every decision that we make. I felt stronger as a priest like nothing could touch me, until…that bastard pulled the rug out from under me.

Does it still trouble me? What do you think? Forgive myself? How can I? Looking back, it was all so calculating. I bet he scoured every parish in Edinburgh, till he found the right sucker to torment with his sick little games. “Bless me, father, for I have sinned….”

No, I won’t let you make excuses for me.

Do I miss it? Being a priest gave me substance and sustenance. Without it I feel empty…sometimes.

A relationship? I’m not quite there yet. It would still feel…wrong.

My mother?  We haven’t spoken since I left the priesthood. Guess she skipped the chapter on unconditional love.

Am I worried about the move? Are you kidding? After the Murder Squad in Edinburgh,this will be a breeze. Nothing much happens in Dumfries. I’m planning on taking up a few hobbies to fill my time. In fact, it’s going to be such a change of pace I was wondering if it might be appropriate to come off my maintenance dose?

No? Really? Fair enough, I get your point.

Well, doc, I can see you glancing at your watch. Time’s up, eh? So you can give me a clean bill of health then? Much obliged. I’ll see myself out.

♥ Giveaway ♥
Jackie Baldwin has very kindly given us two signed copies of Perfect Dead to giveaway.

You can enter via the pinned post on our Twitter.

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