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Hey readers,

Today we’re wrapping up the book tour for The Bridge to Magic by Alex Thornbury. We’ve been lucky enough to have featured some fantastic reviews from amazing readers, and we thank them for their incredible insight.

Below you’ll find a selection of reviews that were a part of this book tour, we highly recommend you check them out. We know you’ll be just as inspired as we are after reading these thoughtful reviews!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this tour. We’ve had an incredible journey with The Bridge to Magic.

Happy reading!

The Bridge to Magic by Alex Thornbury

13th Feb – 2nd March

Genre: Fantasy – epic and high, for adults/YA age 16+

Pages: 329

About the Book


In the world where magic and its guardians have been banished to the Deadlands, the Blight threatens the survival of mankind. Terren, the last remaining city, stands alone against its relentless advance. Ever closer draws the choice all must make— face the Blight or cross the Bridge to Magic. But not everyone can survive the crossing.

Elika, an orphan on Terren’s streets, hates and fears the bridge that spans the great chasm to the Deadlands. Like everyone else, she clings to the hope that purging every lingering echo of magic from the world can stop the Blight.

Then she discovers that magic is hiding within her, and through her it seeks to enact the will of its own. Everything Elika knew about her past shatters, as long-buried secrets about her true birth emerge. Accused of being a mage, many doubt her loyalties. Her gang turns against her. The one man she thought she could trust and love, abandons her. Elika must soon decide: Either destroy the magic inside her or cross the bridge to her own uncertain end. But what awaits them in the Deadlands where the enemy of mankind roams wild? Her future or her end?

The Bridge to Magic is a story of a life between two deaths and an impossible choice to make. It is a story of finding hope, love and survival in a world where none seems possible.

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