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A Discovery Disappears (Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency Book 1) by Pip Murphy.
Illustrated by Roberta Tedeschi

Book 1 in the fun 1920s detective series starring twin sisters Christie and Agatha!

“Whoever gave you that sandwich did it deliberately. They wanted to sabotage Fleming’s research.”

When Agatha accidentally eats a major scientific discovery (hidden in a sandwich!), it’s a race against time for twins Agatha and Christie to find out who’s trying to ruin physician Sir Alexander Fleming’s reputation.

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

A Discovery Disappears (Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency Book 1) is an exciting mystery that follows twin siblings Agatha and Christie, who stumble upon a mysterious discovery that someone is trying to ruin. When Agatha takes a bite of a sandwich, she discovers that it’s been filled with a scientific discovery that had gone missing.

Realizing they must save Sir Alexander Fleming’s reputation and find out who is trying to ruin him, the twins spring into action. As they dig deeper and ask questions, they begin to uncover clues about a mysterious thief, as well as an even bigger scheme.

A Discovery Disappears is an enthralling and captivating mystery for readers of all ages. With unique and humorous writing, vivid descriptions, and a well-developed plot, readers will find themselves rooting for the twins to find the answer and save the day.

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