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If I Tell by Gill Perdue

Review by Kelly Lacey

If I Tell by Gill Perdue is an absorbing thriller that grips readers from the very first page. It introduces us to two compelling characters: Laura and Niamh. With Laura, an experienced interviewer and Niamh her outspoken partner, together they work on an assault case to find justice. In between the gripping investigative drama, Perdue gives us an intimate glimpse into the heart of Laura, slowly unravelling a powerful personal narrative that slowly chases its way through the entire novel.

This novel is a riveting read, weaving multiple storylines together to explore themes of redemption, courage and second chances. With suspense and intrigue, Perdue tells an insightful and thought-provoking story that will captivate and inspire readers.

If I Tell by Gill Perdue is a thrilling story that should be enjoyed by fans of crime fiction, suspense and psychological drama. I highly recommend this powerful book and look forward to reading more of Perdue’s work.

A girl covered in blood. Her missing stepfather. Two detectives racing against time.

Laura is her team’s top interviewer, an expert at finding the ‘in’ with victims that helps crack the case.

Niamh is her straight-talking partner who is noticing cracks in her mentor’s careful facade.

Jenny is the 14-year-old assault victim found bloody and confused on a suburban street. They need answers, and fast. But Jenny seems terrified to tell them the truth.

And as the pair try to reach her, Laura begins to lose herself in memories of her own shattering trauma, leading to a mistake that could have fatal consequences .

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