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Thank you to T.Norman for stopping by today for a chat. You can find out more about Jennifer and her latest release Blood Stained Heir below.

1. Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey, please? I published Blood-Stained Heir, the first book in The Ascent Archives, in August of 2017. After publishing book 1, I was hard at work finishing book 2 and getting it ready to release. That came out in May of 2018 with a soft release. I didn’t do much promotion of it, I sort of just released it. At that point, I was still working on book 3 and was getting burned out from pushing myself too fast. I decided to hit pause, and focused on finishing books 3 and 4. With both finally completed in the spring of 2021, I did a re-release of books 1 and 2 in August of 2021, then released book 3 in September and book 4 in October. In May of 2022 I released book 5 in the series, a collection of short stories following a variety of characters. 

2. How do you decide who to dedicate your books to? Each one was dedicated to someone important to me. Book 1 was dedicated to my daughter. I released it 2 months after she was born, and for me it took a lot of courage to publicly share my writing. Book 2 was dedicated to my nieces and nephews, book 3 was dedicated to my son, and book 4 was dedicated to my wife. All of them are to the people that mean the most to me, and who I wanted to share a piece of my journey with.

3. What was the inspiration behind your latest release? My most recent release was a collection of short stories following characters from my main series. While writing the main series, I had so many side characters and I wanted to develop but simply couldn’t. There were backstories that were hinted at and I had the ideas to develop them further. While going through revisions I made notes of little stories I wanted to develop further and used that list for my fifth book.

4. Do you find it hard to let your characters go when you finish writing the book? I do, especially at the end of the series. I spent five books writing about these characters I grew attached to them. One way I’m combatting that is continued to write within this world, so I can revisit many of the characters, but some of them will not be brought back. 

5. What was your favourite read of 2021? My favorite reads of the year was the Ronin Saga. I saw an ad for it on facebook and fell in love with the story immediately. It’s high on my list of all time favorite series. Book 5 can’t come soon enough!

6. Who is your favourite author? There’s no way for me to pick one favorite author, there are just too many. Brandon Sanderson, Brian Staveley, George RR Martin, JRR Tolkein, and Peter V Brett are a few towards the top of the list, but I’ve been reading a lot of indie authors lately and they are fighting their way to the top.

7. Was there a point in your life that a book helped you get through, and which one? There wasn’t a moment in particular that my books helped me get through. After the birth of my first child I published book 1, and from there I kept writing the series. Having a child helped my writing because the main character is a father and spends most of his journey focused on protecting his child. That relationship in my books became more real for me after having my own child.

8. Is there anyone that you would like to mention and thank for their support of your writing? I’ve mentioned all the people close to me, but I don’t think I thank my readers enough. When I started this writing journey it was to tell a story I had, that was my goal. I told myself from the beginning that if only 1 person liked my books, it would be a success for me. All the positive feedback I’ve received, even the criticisms, show that people care about my stories and for that I am truly thankful. 

9. If you had the power to give everyone in the world one book, what would it be and why? This is probably the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer. One book? I don’t know how to answer this, but I will give it a try. I don’t typically read standalone books, I am always reading long series, so picking a single book is especially difficult. If I had to pick one, it would be The Warded Man. It’s book 1 in The Demon Cycle by Peter V Brett. It has possibly the most unique magic system I’ve ever seen, one of my absolute favorites, and is just an amazing story. Book 1 was flawless. (I love the rest of the series, but to be honest none of them compare to the greatness of book 1). 

10. What are you working on now? I am working on a spinoff series set in my same world. It follows some characters we’ve already been introduced to, and brings a bunch of new ones in. I can’t give away too much yet, but the plan is for a spring 2023 release.

11. Lastly, do you have any questions for your readers? I would love to know what stories do you want to see next? Either types of stories, or specific characters you want to know more about. I have spent so much time creating this world that I don’t plan on leaving it anytime soon. There are lots of stories to tell, some of them on different continents entirely, so the possibilities are endless.

Author Bio

T. Norman, self-published author of the Ascent Archives, grew up in small town Minnesota where his passion for reading and immersing himself in to the fantasy worlds of his childhood grew in to creating and writing his own stories. T. Norman’s series, the Ascent Archives, was first formed during his childhood playing toys with his brother, and now it is set to become a four-part series. With experience in a variety of fields, writing has become his passion. T. Norman currently lives with his wife, two children, and a dog in southeast Wisconsin.

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