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Thank you to Deborah Jarvis for stopping by today for a chat. You can find out more about Jennifer and her latest release The Crystal Pawn below.

1. Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey, please?

My mother was an English teacher, and she encouraged me to read books of all kinds, but I gravitated to fantasy. I read any fantasy novel I could get my hands on! Writing came pretty naturally to me, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I really made the effort to get my work out to others. Since then, I have been working on several other projects and continuing my writing. The decision to self-publish has a lot to do with the control of the book’s destiny and the lack of time I have as an English teacher. I also wanted to get my feet under me and build a platform before attempting traditional publishing with another project once it’s complete.

2. How do you decide to whom you dedicate your books?

Those who have been the greatest support to me over my lifetime or the lifetime of the book.

3. What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

For The Ivory Queen, I can’t rightly remember as it’s been a long, long time since they were first started. I think it was an amalgam of ideas and fragments of dreams that I had when I was younger. A lot of my writing starts with dreams.

4. Do you find it hard to let your characters go when you finish writing the book?

Yes, but I think a lot of authors feel the same. I know with another project, Wolves Running, I have managed to sneak characters in from a partially written prequel. I think we never really say goodbye to our characters. They mainly go live their lives without us until we meet again.

5. What was your favourite read of 2021?

For 2021, I didn’t read anything new and exciting but this year, I can already tell you that hands down, it was Dragon Mage by M.L. Spencer. I don’t think anything is going to top that.

6. Who is your favourite author?

I would have to say Peter S. Beagle is my favourite author.

7. Was there a point in your life that a book helped you get through, and which one?

There have been many, actually. Sometimes, you read a book that just really gels with you at the right time. I know that Clive Barker’s Sacrament was one of those, as was Charles De Lint’s Moonheart and Paolo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. I think different books come into our lives when we need them!

8. Is there anyone that you would like to mention and thank for their support of your writing?

My husband Rob and children, Rose and Will. My friends Cathie McWhinnie and Jennifer Thissell for their unwavering support over the years. And my editor/partner in crime, Sophia Shultz who has help me beat my books into submission even when they (and I) resisted!

9. If you had the power to give everyone in the world one book, what would it be and why?

That’s an odd question. Probably Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. It was another influential book from my childhood that has a much greater meaning. It would have to be the updated one with the fourth section, though. There’s some beautiful truths in that book.

10. What are you working on now?

I am currently finishing up and editing Wolves Running for a September release. I feel mildly insane about this project at this point as I will be releasing it at the beginning of the school year, but it is what it is!

11. Lastly, do you have any questions for your readers?

I always want to know what drew them to my books. What made them want to read them? What got them inspired?

Author Bio: 

Deborah Jarvis has been writing for a long while and has been an advocate for all things greyhound for slightly less time than that. She teaches high school and college literature and writing, and lives in New Hampshire with her husband Rob, her son Will, two greyhounds, and four cats. Her daughter Rosalynde lives nearby. The Crystal Pawn is the first book in The Keyralithian Chronicles to date, and The Ivory Queen is the second. Deborah is now working on another exciting project titled Wolves Running which will hopefully be out soon.

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