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Thank you to the team at Tandem Collective for my gifted copy package for the read-along. Sent in exchange for an honest review. 

Reputation by Sarah Vaughan

My overall takeaway seems to differ greatly from other reviewers. 

I think the book is a marmite one which some will adore and others will like. I am in the like group. 

The book has an overall feel of non-fiction. I felt that MP Emma Webster was indeed real and that she was on trial for murder. The book raises the issue of Trolls and the power of social media. I hadn’t even considered this was the thing that MP’s had to deal with. Online bullying is as powerful as physical punches. In fact, I think it has more weight as it plays with your mind. Emma Webster’s fear was real and I liked that this issue was addressed and brought to light.

The mirroring aspect of bullying in all shapes be it in marriage, work or at school is well represented in the book and it really does make you think about what some people are going through. Especially celebrities and people who have jobs that require being in the public eye. 

I really enjoyed the inclusion of WhatsApp messages which was interesting. Almost as if the reader was snooping. My favourite character was Caroline, I liked her gentleness and strong will. 

Things I didn’t enjoy were the repetitiveness of the book. I may not have finished it ( I am glad I did) if it had not been for the read-along campaign I was a part of. I don’t need to like the characters to enjoy the book. However, I do feel I need to care about them to be invested and I really did not care what happened to Emma. Which was sad and I do think Sarah Vaughan tried to engage some empathy but it just didn’t work on me.

Overall this book would be great for book clubs and buddy reads. Everyone will have a different opinion. It brought to light some incredible thought-provoking subjects. 

Three Stars 

Reputation by Sarah Vaughan


Emma Webster is a respectable MP.

Emma Webster is a devoted mother.

Emma Webster is innocent of the murder of a tabloid journalist.

Emma Webster is a liar.

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