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Thank you to Jennifer Tempest for stopping by today for a chat. You can find out more about Jennifer and her latest release The Cardinal War below.

Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey, please?

Around May 2021 I decided that I wanted to take the plunge and publish my first book. I had no idea how to start this process, so I went to google and typed in Self-Publishing a book. A few options came up to explore and I started making some calls and researching their websites. I had taken a self-publishing mini course a few years back so I was familiar with some of the steps that would need to be done but not necessarily how to complete them. I came across Tellwell Publishing which, as a bonus, is in Canada. The initial phone call was great, and I was off on my journey. One of the main reasons I went with a company like them was they could take care of the behind-the-scenes copyright/legal side of things which is where I had no knowledge. For the editing process and cover creation I got to play a deep role in and gave my input into what I was envisioning. They had the resources to make my visions come to live and The Cardinal War was born. They helped with tips and tricks for marketing as well as working with me to create my website. Once the book was available online for sale, I could also request physical copies to sell to friends and family as well as put in brick and mortar stores. 

How do you decide who to dedicate your books to?

So far, I have only had one dedication but my decision into that was those who supported me the most in my writing journey. I plan to continue that process, but I may have to adjust as I have had an outpouring of support since my first book was published. 

What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

The first element of The Cardinal War that existed was the characters having wings. This was inspired by a book I was reading at the time where their characters also had wings. Though I knew my story would be much lighter, I knew that I wanted this feature in my story. I take inspiration from places I travel as well as my boyfriend’s Dungeons and Dragons Campaign setting that we played through together. With this setting inspiration in mind, the manors were created and as soon as I had four of them surrounding the city, the idea of the compass came into mind and the title and cover image were instantaneously obvious to me. 

Do you find it hard to let your characters go when you finish writing the book?

Not at this stage because I have so much more to share. No character is really off limit for me to write about at this stage as I have sequels, stand-alone books, and some prequels planned in the Empire of Frythiel. 

What was your favourite read of 2021?

Tough question, but I would have to go with the most recent book in an ongoing series by Kristen Britain, Winterlight. Probably one of the longest books I’ve read at 836 pages but it was very well done and I can’t wait to read the next one in the Green Rider series when it is published. 

Who is your favourite author?

Mercedes Lackey, specifically her Valdemar universe which I currently own every book published in this world. 

Was there a point in your life that a book helped you get through, and which one?

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a number of years but it got particularly bad in 2020 and 2021 despite many joyous things occurring in my life. I read a collection of non-fiction books that really helped me put things in perspective and along with other support, they helped me on a healthier path. The two main ones would have to be Healthy as F*ck by Oonagh Duncan and Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. 

Is there anyone that you would like to mention and thank for their support of your writing?

How much am I allowed to write here haha. If I had to narrow it down I would say my parents for their ongoing love and support of my writing journey, one of my longest friends Stacy for her editing assistance and being a sounding board for my ideas, Evan; my boyfriend for talking with me for two hours about all elements of The Cardinal War to help me improve and what to continue doing well, and Jenelle for doing all the wonderful photos that I have on my website, ones I’ve used for interviews as well being the photographer at my book release. So many others have been supportive, but I could go over a page mentioning them all. 

If you had the power to give everyone in the world one book, what would it be and why?  

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. I just found the message so empowering, and it has helped me through my anxiety and realize what really is a problem that needs to be tackled or if it’s something I have no control over. Even then, if it’s something I can’t control, can I control how I react to it, or maybe I can break it down into steps to tackle parts of it.  

What are you working on now?

I recently just finished the first draft of the next story in the Frythiel Empire entitled Danger in Strongwater. It takes place a few years after the events of The Cardinal War and rather than taking place in the same city of Mordale on the Western side, Danger in Strongwater takes place in Strongwater in the East. The majority of the characters are unique to this story but there will be one character returning. 

Lastly, do you have any questions for your readers?

Is there anything I can do to make accessibility to my books easier and is there anything else you would like to know about me?

Author Bio

 Jennifer Tempest was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, where she lives with her partner and large cat. Starting writing stories at age eight, the love of sharing her imagination has always been there and continued to grow over the years as she wrote longer and more in-depth stories.

Jennifer loves to read and travel to gain inspiration for her creations. Often including her friends in her works of fiction, Jennifer writes to make people smile and feel enjoyment.

The Cardinal War by Jennifer Tempest

With no known heir to the Empire, four conflicting noble families will use whatever means necessary to claim power for themselves, but only one can become the next ruler. While the nobles fight amongst themselves, some people of the Empire struggle to survive.

Growing up on the streets of Mordale, Eileen has never known her family, or much else beyond the best place to steal a meal. This all changes after one stormy night of loss, fear, and escape. Eileen is suddenly plunged into Mordale’s political turmoil, and her fate is intertwined with a warm-hearted but strict-to-his-duty messenger of the Empire, Daithi.

Although raised in the political world, Daithi’s loyalties are challenged as he must decide between his duties as a messenger and a hidden truth that could change the course of not only his life, but that of every citizen in Mordale, as the imminent civil war has taken in more than just the noble families. He must stay unbiased while making decisions best for the Empire while helping those he cares about make the best decisions for themselves.

In the end, Eileen must determine who she is and who she will become as the struggle to rule consumes Mordale, while Daithi must choose between duty and his heart before too much is lost.

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