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Open Play by JN Welsh
Guest review by Tanya Kaanta

Hello my dear Romance Reader Friends! Meet your next must-consume contemporary romance series. Open Play is the first in the Passion Players Series by author JN Welsh and it has everything I love. A brilliant heroine who is not afraid to take risks, a cantankerous male (rightly so) who eventually comes around and storyline that has some unique twists. Full disclosure though, this story does have a minor love triangle. More disclosure, it’s not usually a trope I enjoy (I know, I just wrote that this romance has everything I love…) but this triangle doesn’t leave me annoyed as it’s quite clear early on who the main leads are in this love story. I’m not waiting until the very end for our heroine to choose, and the way this triangle develops makes sense. Trust me, frustration levels (for those like me who aren’t fans of triangle tropes) will be minimal. 

Ayanna Crawford is the top in her field of physical therapy for sport injury and recovery. And she embarks on a much-needed vacation to Ireland. What was supposed to be a ladies getaway turns into a solo trip. But Ayanna is determined to enjoy herself after much prodding from her best friend. After her first day, she meets Eoghan O’Farrell, who invites her to a professional soccer game the next day. Instead of Eoghan, Shane MacCallum appears and takes her into the stadium. And while nothing happens between them, there’s definitely a connection. Not too many spoilers, since this happens early on, we find out Eoghan and Shane are best friends, and they both work for the same soccer team. A brief liaison with Eoghan occurs and then Ayanna believes she’ll never see either man again.

But fate has other plans when an injury forces the three to work together in the USA. The obvious love choice for Ayanna emerges quickly and the result is a tale with all the feels – witty sparring, misunderstandings, resolutions, and chemistry! And undeniably, the coveted HEA for Ayanna and her man. But worry not, the other guy will get his HEA, too.  

Finally, can I get a “Let’s Go!” for a brilliant heroine of color and a multicultural romance? These romances are few and far between and don’t get nearly the press they deserve. Thank you, Montlake for providing the platform. Thank you, JN Welsh for your awesome storytelling.

Open Play (Passion Players Book 1) by [JN Welsh]

A hot young physical therapist plays a risky game with an Irish soccer player—and his best friend—in this transatlantic romance from award-winning author JN Welsh.

Ayanna Crawford isn’t afraid to get physical; in fact, it’s her job. A world-renowned physical therapist who works too hard, Ayanna embarks on a trip to Ireland before an upcoming conference. Finally, a chance to play as hard as she works…and maybe find an Irish boo to keep her company.

After a long day of sightseeing, Ayanna hits it off with tall drink of ale Eoghan O’Farrell. Then there’s the freckled, blue-eyed Shane MacCallum, a soccer team liaison who Ayanna feels a strong urge to “liaise” with. But not only do the two men work for the same team—they’re best mates.

When an injury forces the three lovebirds to work in close proximity, Ayanna finds herself in the clutch. With careers and hearts on the line, Ayanna must work through her fears and desires to make a choice—or find herself alone on the pitch.

JN Welsh

JN Welsh is a native New Yorker. She writes entertaining, often humorous, and provocative tales about strong, career-driven, multicultural heroines who are looking for love. Her punchy, flowing dialogue and big city stories are heartwarming and stick to your ribs. When she’s not writing she can be found dancing, wine-ing, rooting for her favorite baseball team, and/or indulging in countless guilty pleasures.

For more on JN Welsh visit her website at

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