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The Night Shift by Alex Finlay
Review by Kelly Lacey

When a massacre occurs in a Blockbuster video store in 1999, you would think something so very heinous would ever be repeated. Fast forward fifteen years and it happens again. Is there a copycat killer on the loose or is the original killer back?

I loved Alex Finlay’s Every Last Fear and I was very excited to hear about the release of The Night Shift. Total disclosure if I hadn’t read ELF I probably wouldn’t have picked up TNS due to the cover. It is the only thing that I don’t like about the book.  

Alex Finlay makes you feel so comfortable whilst you read the book. You think wow this is so simple, I have it all figured out. Then BAM plot twist and you think bloody hell I didn’t see that coming and whilst you are still recovering another hits you upside the head. It is brilliant and you are so bamboozled that you didn’t see them coming that you just embrace the ride and go with it. 

The book has strong women characters at its forefront. Each of them is brilliantly flawed in their own way. They each bring a meaty realistic background with them to the virtual reading table. I hope we have more to come from Sarah Keller.

If you want to be challenged as a reader but with fast-flowing writing then you will love Alex Finlay’s style. I am still thinking about the book long after I finished it the other night. 

I would love to see Bookstagram or Booktok get behind Alex’s books because they really do deserve the attention. 

Crime fiction at its absolute best!  

Five stars

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