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The One by Claire Frost

The One by Claire Frost

Review by Kelly Lacey 

When Lottie Brown finds her one she is over the moon. Finally, she will have the happy filled life that her sisters have and that she thinks she wants. But only three months into their love story, Leo dies (no spoiler it is on the back cover).  We then follow Lottie as her life goes on without Leo. But we also get to see how and why they fell in love and how Leo will always play a part in Lottie’s life.

I enjoyed the realistic aspect of the book. It’s not often covered as most folks generally want upbeat, happy ever after kind of books. I am not in that group, I love when books test me as a reader and I love my emotions to be pulled and twisted as I read.

As a person who has experienced a lot of loss in their life, I found the funeral scene particular hard to read. But it’s such an important part of the book. No one tells you how to behave at a funeral. There are no rules. So when you are sat there with all this hurt love that wants to burst out and you have snot bubbling at your nose. You’ve torn the tissues into little bits from nerves and you do not want to make that awful noise. Just do it, that’s my advice. Let it all out, don’t care what anyone thinks. You just be yourself. Lottie, shes in a weird predicament she doesn’t know Leo’s family or friends. I wish one of her sisters had gone with her. 

The One reminds us all that we are here for a very short time and that life is a gift. The people we meet each day are either a lesson or a blessing. I loved Claire’s writing and would pick up any books that are published automatically now. 

The One will make you reflect on your life and loved ones. 

A fantastic relatable read that will give your soul a gentle nudge to remember to live in the moment and most importantly to love with abundance. 


Thank you to the publisher for my gifted copy. Received in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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