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The Time Between Us by Marina McCarron

Well my experience with The Time Between Us was surprisingly an emotional one. The last time I felt such an emotional connection was with Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper. I went into this book thinking it would be a romantic dual timeline story, an easy and quick read.

It is so much more. Even the first sentence of the book had me stop and reflect. 

Bullets sing.’

We start off in 1944 and 2009 and we learn about Elise and Lucy. Both at a point of change in their lives. Elsie’s world is about to be turned upside down by the war and Lucy is heartbroken and at a loss at what to do with her life. What connects the two is the experience we take as the reader. 

It is a raw, fragile and realistic look at life. I was fascinsated learning about life in Normandy through the eyes of both Elise and Lucy. I desperately hope the church with the basement is a real place that one day I can visit.  Ms McCarron expresses the pain of wartime and the devastating pain and suffering in such a raw and heart pulling way.  I was really touched by it and it will stay with me. 

It was refreshing to read a book that felt realistic and was fluff-free. I don’t need kittens and rainbow happily ever afters to enjoy the book. I want long stay heart characters and relatable scenarios playing out. This is what I got with The Time Between Us.

I felt like I was reading about real-life people and I cared about them. I really loved Elise and my heart broke for her circumstances. She was the heart stay character that I will think about from time to time. The male characters had a strong presence in the book and I thought they were a great representation of going forward even when something heinous and unbelievable had happened to them. A message for everyone really in the book. 

I need more books by Ms Mccarron to read ASAP. An auto-buy author for me now. 

A raw and relatable read that will leave you heartsore and satisfied.

Five stars! 

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