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You Never Said Goodbye by Luca Veste

When a book has all the usual popping keywords like fast-paced, twists galore and heart racing and you then read the book and go where were the twists? It was a slow read and my heart rate is fine, thank you. Well, I promise you hand on heart that those ALL apply to You Never Said Goodbye by Luca Vesta. They almost seem redundant and not efficient enough words to use to describe my experience with the book.

This is my first adventure with Luca Veste and I feel like I’ve missed out on so much. However, it does now mean I have a back catalogue of books to work my way through. When I asked my friend (a loyal Luca Veste fan) what I should expect from the book they said it will be gory. 

I didn’t find the book to be gory at all and maybe that was just the style for this particular adventure. I do hope that we get to meet these characters again as they are so well written.

We join Sam Cooper, as he gets the news that his dad has been taken to hospital. Sam hasn’t seen his dad in many years. On his death bed, his dad reveals a heart-wrenching secret that will turn Sam’s world upside down. 

Therein as the reader we dive into the adventure ghosting alongside Sam and experiencing all the OMG moments. The book is all go action all the time. I know I say this a lot but this book especially played out like a movie. I even had that buzz afterwards when I finished it. It is believable and extremely well written. It is definitely a one sit read so get yourself comfy before you begin.

I have no constructive negatives about the book at all. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a stand-alone. I need more time with the characters. 

Get yourself acquainted with Luca Veste and be ready for writing that will blow your mind! 

Five Stars 

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