A Cornish Gift by Fern Britton @Fern_Britton @HarperCollinsUK #Bookreview #Guestreviewer 

A Cornish Gift by Fern Britton

Guest review by Daisy Hollands

I’ve long been a fan of Fern Britton as a TV presenter. Even before she was the only person big enough to fill Judy Finnegan’s This Morning role, I used to watch her on Ready, Steady, Cook! I have always thought of her as a very warm, engaging person and I am very happy to report that this translates perfectly to her writing style.

This is my first experience with a Fern Britton book. I am always sceptical when a TV presenter or an actor becomes an author. The cynical part of me wonders if they got their book deal through talent or just because they are already “a name” with a fan base.

In Fern’s case, talent and writing prowess is definitely the reason. A Cornish Gift is a wonderful seasonal read, set in and around the Cornish village of Pendruggan. This book is really stories within a story. Although it is billed as a collection of stories, which can of course all be read standalone, making the book ideal to dip in and out of between gift wrapping and card writing, or while your mince pies are baking – the segments all come together beautifully.

This book is very character-driven. Fern is a very descriptive writer and the characters are easy to envisage, they really do come to life in your mind’s eye.

There are so many little threads running through the chapters. Friendship, family, Christmas spirit – it’s all there between the covers. And talking of the cover, isn’t it beautiful? The snowflakes against the backdrop of teal blue. Very pretty.

I don’t like comparing authors, because of course all the best ones have their own individuality in their writing styles, however, I will say that if you are a fan of Carole Matthews or Jenny Colgan then you will surely love A Cornish Gift.

5/5 stars

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