The Art of Deception by Peter Martin @pmartinauthor #bookreview

The Art of Deception by Peter Martin

For most women, a positive pregnancy test would bring joy. But for Angie, it marks the beginning of a nightmare that will bring heartbreak and despair.

All too aware of the dire consequences she faces, she knows she never should have gotten pregnant in the first place. Her husband doesn’t know the family secret that killed her mother and overshadows his happiness at becoming a father – and Angie isn’t going to be the one to tell him. 

As her marriage and her life begin to fall apart, can Angie overcome her demons and find peace… And is there something even she doesn’t know?

Review by J.A. Warnock for Love Books Group

‘The Art of Deception’ by Peter Martin is aptly named. I am not sure I ever read a book that contained so many, or made me think so much about, types of lie people tell. The plot takes lies told to protect or comfort which are cleverly entwined with lies told for attention, sympathy and maximum hurt. There are lies told in the name of self preservation and lies that are destructive that risk tearing the characters apart. 

‘The Art of Deception’ is a real page turner, I felt compelled to keep reading to see what would happen next. The writing style is simple, straightforward and immensely readable.  
Whenever I am asked to review a book I would not normally choose for myself, I try to imagine it from the perspective of the target audience. Hard hearted, emotionally bereft cynic that I am, I am probably not part of the intended market for this book. I liked the unemotional style of writing but wonder if it might come across as flippant or overly simplistic to other readers. I tend to struggle with characters I don’t like.  While the comments of other characters suggest something bad happening to a nice person, we do not experience that for ourselves as readers and I found myself disliking Angie more and more as the book went on. Despite these criticisms and a few Kindle formatting problems, I genuinely couldn’t put the book down which speaks volumes for the quality of writing and skill of the author. 

In a world where we throw around platitudes like ‘be kind’ and ‘it’s okay to not be okay’ without necessarily thinking about the practicalities of helping real world people in real life scenarios this book gives an interesting perspective. Kindness that inspires rage.  Help and support that is viewed as manipulation and control. Frustration positively drips from the pages on all sides. As in life, the reader may pick up on the signs and clues that something is wrong and still have no notion of what that person might think or be capable of doing. 
This is one of those books that I think will inspire very different responses in different readers. That means you should ignore the star rating of any reviewer and just find out for yourself. For me, Three Stars. 

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