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A Slight Folly by Elizabeth Harris

Delighted to celebrate the publication of A Slight Folly by Elizabeth Harris. Published by Lume Books. It is out NOW!

A Slight Folly by Elizabeth Harris


Falling in love makes you foolhardy…

Hal Dillon is back at home with Jo and the family, resolved to put his poignant romance with Angela Swayne on the island of Crete firmly behind him. Until a magazine article brings her right back to the forefront of his mind…

Jo sees everyone in the family off on their travels. Alone, her dormant wanderlust bursts into life and on impulse she sets out to drive up the Great North Road. And on the wild and dramatic Northumberland coast, someone is waiting for her.

Meanwhile, Angela is distracted from her heartache by the arrival of a stranger with a surprising proposition. Barely pausing to think whether or not it’s wise, she finds herself on a ferry to Brittany and discovers life is about to take a totally unexpected turn… both for her and the man she is with.

Author Bio
Elizabeth Harris was born in Cambridge and brought up in Kent, where she now lives. After graduation she did a variety of jobs including driving a van, being a lifeguard and working in the Civil Service. She lived in Hong Kong for three years and travelled extensively in Europe and America, and lived for some years in the Far East. Elizabeth Harris was one of the finalists of the 1989 Ian St James Awards.

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