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One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is down on her luck. She’s lost her job, her car’s on the brink of repossession, and her apartment is fast becoming furniture-free.

Enter Cousin Vinnie, a low-life who runs a bail-bond company. If Stephanie can bring in vice cop turned outlaw Joe Morelli, she stands to pick up $10,000. But tracking down a cop wanted for murder isn’t easy . . .

And when Benito Ramirez, a prize-fighter with more menace than mentality, wants to be her friend Stephanie soon knows what it’s like to be pursued. Unfortunately the best person to protect her just happens to be on the run . . .

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

I was introduced to Miss Plum by Meggy Roussel. More than once Stephanie’s name has popped up in our chats and I was so taken by Meggy’s passion for the books I had to take book one on a test drive. 

I got my book on eBay and I got a preloved copy that was printed in the ’90s. 1994 to be precise and I loved that about it. The bold colours on the cover and the large font inside. It was my teenage years as a reader in the 90’s screaming at me. It was a very comforting nostalgic feeling that overcame me. 

Meeting Stephanie Plum was indeed a pleasure. I love how Ms Evanovich made her so relatable. She is by no means a superhero trying to catch bad people. She is a normal 90’s chick trying to pay bills and get by. But due to circumstances beyond her control, she is now in a position as a bounty hunter.  Now, this is where the hours of my watching Dog the Bounty Hunter kicked in and became useful. As they helped me know and understand the process. 

The male characters in the book are stereotypical for the ’90s and probably wouldn’t make the cut if the book was released today. But I love Joe Morelli as a character, you can feel the sexual tension between himself and Stephanie ooze off the page. I am not so much a fan of Ranger, I don’t know why I find him a little creepy. 

Two television shows that enhanced my reading pleasure was The Real Housewives of New Jersey and of Jersey Shore. As the book is based in Trenton New Jersey, I heard Stephanie’s accent perfectly in my head. I know how the girls act and I really got and felt the humour of the book. 

I loved the book so much that I went onto eBay and bought 24 of the rest of the series so that I had them. 

The books are perfect if you wish to have something easy to read. That is fast-paced, funny and engaging. 

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