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Liberation by Emma Eker

Find your way. Find your freedom. A book for these times.

Framed by an incredibly moving and rousing story about entering rehab at the age of 28, Emma Eker’s debut Liberation is a story of breakdown to break through and everything in between. This solution-based memoir, with its easily digestible teachings and guidance, will help the reader to forge a deeper connection with them-Selves and move through challenges and suffering. Liberation demonstrates that with a change of thinking we can relinquish all mental barriers and truly thrive.

Liberation allows the reader to free themselves from self-imposed and perceived external constraints. This book acts as a guide, helping an individual to move from surviving to thriving, from constriction to expansion, from judgement to acceptance, from impossible to I’m-possible. This book is about showing up as your very best Self and living your very best life. A must read for these times.


Fitting In

My feeling is that I was generally uncomfortable in my own skin. There was lots of ‘fitting in’ to do and I was constantly contorting myself into a shape that was not me. I was a strong personality with anger being a very familiar emotion for me. I have been told that I would regularly tantrum from a very young age to the point of passing out – I guess my little self just couldn’t deal with the rage that I felt, I simply couldn’t contain it. My mother was concerned at first (who wouldn’t be) but as with most things, you get used to them and I always came round quickly after the intensity subsided. The body is incredibly intelligent and it took me offline whilst it recalibrated.

Who’s to say why I was experiencing such intense emotions from such a tender age, but it is what it is and although I absolutely cannot say for sure, I have always been fighting the status quo and fighting for justice and for what feels right and sometimes it just felt too much.

This feeling of fitting in has been a familiar thread in my life. As I mentioned, I am not sure where or when this materialised or at which particular point I received the message that my natural shape was flawed, only G-d knows the starting point, but I have often considered the impact of systems and how instrumental/detrimental they have been to my sense of self and well-being.

We’re brought up in a society where there are hard and fast rules and a protocol to adhere to, a ‘right way to be’ and a correct way to behave and if, like me, you receive a message from a young age that you’re ‘too much’ and it is simply not tolerated, the child will find ways to adapt that are acceptable. To one’s detriment.

You see, if I consider who I was before I forgot (that is, before I was shaped by environment, societal protocol and the like), I have a sense of being a carefree, creative, highly emotive and sensitive individual, potentially leaning more towards the arts with a strong desire to express and to feel my way through life, rather than to think, rationalise and use logic. Indeed, I believe this is the case for the majority of children before we reach a stage of being that barely resembles the truth of who we are and what is possible.

It is important to mention at this stage, that with the message of ‘I’m too much’, I learned to dim myself down. This dimming down meant that I moved through life as a lesser version of myself, a less shiny model. And when you’re not being true to yourself, when you’re hiding, it’s a lonely place to be and it’s hard to forge deep and authentic connections when the you that shows up in the world is a false self, not the full picture. I learned to swallow myself down, that is, to stuff down my feelings and emotions from a very young age.


Emma Eker is a life coach and author from London. Trained in Psychosynthesis Psychology (PG Dip), Emma has worked as a coach for over 14 years, helping individuals understand how their experience is created in order for them to realise they are in control of their reality – far more powerful than they imagined.

Emma is passionate about the human experience, evolution and helping people to live in alignment with who they truly are – moving away from restrictions, limitations and negative self-talk in order to live fully expressed. Liberation is her first book.

Twitter – @emmaeker
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