Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard #Bookreview

Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard 

I met Linda Gillard last year and was kindly gifted my copy of Emotional Geology in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts as I sit to write this review is where do I begin. I can say for certain that the book is emotion-driven. It is an unsettling journey that you take with Rose Leonard. As she starts a new life on the Hebridean island. 

I think we have all at some point wished during hard times that we could just drop everything and up and leave to go live in a small house on an island. Well Rose does just that but can she really leave the past behind her or will it follow her to her new beginning. 

The writing style is superb and almost lyrical at times. I have read a lot of books over the years but this one was very different. You could feel its fragility and rawness ooze from the pages. You feel the weight of Roses inner demons as she vehemently battles them. A key part of the book is mental illness and its effects on Rose’s everyday life. We learn through flashbacks and letters to her daughter Megan the journey that Rose has been on. As the reader, you learn a little bit each time and putting all the pieces together you get the finished puzzle and everything makes sense. 

I enjoyed meeting Rose’s new neighbours and reading about their ways of Island life. I also must add how beautiful the cover is with its fusion of purples. The solitary figure standing at the sea edge. It’s extremely powerful and it really draws you in. 

This book would suit readers that like books that are character-driven and that have diverse topics. I really think poetry lovers would have a great takeaway from the book. There are so many strands to the book that there would be something for everyone to enjoy and learn about. Although it’s key to remember that mental health is the core of the book and there are some challenging chapters as we learn more about Rose. 

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