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Best Ever You: 52 Week Journal

The creators of the Best Ever You Network and Your Life Sparkles have teamed up to bring you this inspiring 52 week journal. You’ll become your bravest, boldest you as you write about your life, values, habits and more in this year-long journal. You are the coffee in the cup of life. What are you brewing? Create your own best blend. Using our Six Principles, you will take a look at different aspects of your life. Be real with yourself, enjoy the process and keep going on the journey towards becoming your Best Ever You! When you purchase a journal, you are invited to join our exclusive Facebook Group, with free guided weekly assistance direct from Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller.

Review by Kim Livingston

Is there a better time to create the Best Ever You? I think not. The journal arrived on the market just in time for a year when we all may want to take a little closer look at what’s important to us or during a time we might be thinking, “what’s the point of anything?”

Whatever place you are in, the Best Ever You 52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller is a well laid out, guided journal to help you discover six principles about yourself: your core values, inspiration, emotional intelligence, compassion, wellness, and inner harmony. 

What adds to the value of the journal is the personal support they offer through their members only Facebook group where they state they post weekly videos, discussions, or comments regarding the journal topics. 

The journal itself is a cheerful paperback book that would fit easily in a laptop case or book bag for having at hand wherever you go. The robin-egg coloured cover features two coffee mugs—a theme throughout the book and one that is close to my heart. 

Inside the journal there is plenty of writing space with thought provoking prompts for each week. Each entry offers a place to take an in-the-moment inventory of how you’re feeling—helpful when you happen to rage about something that six-months later might turn out to be nothing after all.   Also included is a lot of room for reflection. I hope the authors decide to offer a hardback copy of the journal and a large print copy of it as well. The Best Ever You Journal would make an excellent gift for a friend—or to yourself. 

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