A Hundred Million Years and a Day by Jean-Baptiste Andrea. Translated by Sam Taylor @BelgraviaB #Bookreview

A Hundred Million Years and a Day by Jean-Baptiste Andrea
Translated by Sam Taylor

Stan has been hunting for fossils since the age of six. Now, in the summer of 1954, he hears a story he cannot forget: the skeleton of a huge creature – a veritable dragon – lies deep in an Alpine glacier. And he is determined to find it. 

But Stan is no mountaineer. To complete his dangerous expedition, he must call on loyal friend Umberto, who arrives with an eccentric young assistant, and expert guide Gio. Time is short: the four men must descend before the weather turns. As bonds are forged and tested, the hazardous quest for the earth’s lost creatures becomes a journey into Stan’s own past.

A Hundred Million Years and a Day is a mesmerising story of nature, adventure and of one man’s determination to follow his dream, whatever it may take. 

Book Review by Kelly Lacey
Five Stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book but what it gave me was an unforgettable, emotional and deeply moving adventure. As I closed the last page I felt like I had just watched the best Oscar-winning movie. Because that how it felt to me as I read. I had a visual in my head the whole time I was reading. This was a book that awoke all my senses and left me bruised and emotionally altered forever.

Although short in pages, it is a mighty huge story. Stan is for a sure a readers heart stay character. A Hundred Million Years and a Day is a story about Stan and his quest to follow a dangerous path to fulfilling a dream. Stan is not alone on his journey it is filled with his friends, ghosts, wolves and even a puppet.

The mountain plays a huge role and as you read you will be reminded of every movie you have ever seen with men battling against the elements on a mountain. Alive is the movie that I kept reverting to although the men in this journey are there by choice. Just a note in case my comparison puts people off. They certainly do not eat each other in the book. They come prepared with dried meat and fruits.

I felt like I was on the mountain, the writing is that good that I was transported from my comfy bed with my hot coffee at my side. To the claustrophobic atmosphere and a chill slipped into my bones. I loved the flashback stories of little nuggets into Stan’s life. I will never forget being on the mountain with Stan, Umberto, Gio, Peter and Yuri. 

A journey I would love to take again and again. Terrific and terrifying in the same breath. 

Thank you for stopping by today.

Happy reading,

Kelly xx

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