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Under a Wartime Sky by Liz Trenow

Under a Wartime Sky is an enthralling historical novel by Liz Trenow, based on real-life events at a top-secret wartime research station. Telling the story of the heroes behind the discovery of radar, it’s perfect for readers of Kate Furnivall and Rachel Hore.

Bawdsey Manor holds a secret.

1936: the threat of war hangs over Europe. Churchill gathers the brightest minds in Britain at a grand house in Suffolk. Bound to complete secrecy, they work together on an invention that could mean victory for the Allies. Among them is Vic, a gifted but shy physicist who, for the first time, feels like he belongs.

Local girl Kathleen wants to do more than serving tea and biscuits to ‘do her bit’. So when the Bawdsey team begin to recruit women to operate their top secret system, she dedicates herself to this life-or-death work. Kath and Vic form an unlikely friendship as the skies over Britain fill with German bombers. Little does Kath know just whose life she will change forever, one fateful night . . .

Based on the real history of Bawdsey Manor, Under a Wartime Sky is a novel about courage, belonging and hope.

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

This was my first book by Liz Trenow and I am very lucky to have a back catalogue of her work to read. Ms Trenow’s writing is so informative and extremely enjoyable at the same time. I had never heard of Bawdsey Manor and I now have a strong urge to visit it and see its splendour with my own eyes. You will also have this feeling when you read the book.

With historical fiction, the issues of race and homophobia are often grassed over with just a hint. I was actually trying to think of a historical or saga fiction novel that I have read that faced these issues head-on and I can’t think of one.

I really fell in love with Vikram Mackensie, after being raised in India and then moving into an English boarding school. He never really knew where he fitted in and the awkward way he had to adapt his face into a way deemed less threatening broke my heart. He is an extremely memorable character for me and most definitely one that will stay in my heart.

I really learned so much about Bawdsey Manor and the war but in a deeply interesting way. I closed the book more informed on what happened during that time. I was left with an ache for more and thank goodness for Google where I can learn more about Bawdsey Manor. Here is a photograph I found on google.

I do not do spoiler reviews and with this book, there are so many hard-hitting topics. Just know that I really appreciate the way Liz Trenow features them in the book and doesn’t shy away.

As you close the last page on Under a Wartime Sky you leave it with a heavy sigh. Saying goodbye to incredible characters and you will be much more informed on certain matters to do with wartime. I absolutely fell in love with Under Wartime Sky, read it and you will too.

I was gifted a copy for the book tour, thank you so much to Ellis Keene. My opinions are honest and my own.

You can purchase your own copy in my online bookstore.

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