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Eve of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher


Four Stars

The Handmaid’s Tale meets Scythe in this gripping new dystopian trilogy written by UK-bestselling authors Giovanna and Tom Fletcher.

She survived against all odds. The first girl born in fifty years. They called her EVE.

On the first day, no one really noticed. All those babies wrapped in blue blankets–not a pink one in sight. On the third day, people were scared–a statistic-defying abundance of blue. Not just entire hospitals, not only entire countries, but the entire world. Boys. Only boys.

Until Eve. The only girl born in fifty years. The savior of mankind. Kept protected, towering above a ruined world under a glass dome of safety until she is ready to renew the human race.

But when the time comes to find a suitor, Eve and Bram–a young man whose job is to prepare Eve for this moment–begin to question the plan they’ve known all along. Eve doesn’t only want safety, and she doesn’t only want protection. She wants the truth. She wants freedom.

Book Review by Kelly Lacey

Well, I was very late to the party with Eve of Man I has been gifted the book in a book swap and decided to pick it up as I was drawn to the cover. I am so glad that I did, I was totally sucked into the book from page one. 

The key premise being is that women stopped having female babies and it meant the end of the world was upon the population, then Eve came along. Now the entire weight of the world’s future is on her shoulders. 

The characters are so well written with no unnecessary waffle of endless descriptions. It is to the point, informative and at times deeply moving. 

I felt that Eve represented every girl and boy in the world today. They might not have an end goal of saving the human race (you never know) but they do have an unprecedented weight on their shoulders from everyday life and especially from social media and peers to behave a certain way, have particular things and sadly to look and fit into some sort of mould that society has shaped.  Eve is all of those things and what Giovanna and Tom have done is genius. 

Now I have found in the past with books that have had a kick-ass female lead, there is usually a sloppy sidekick of a male character. That is not the case in Eve of Man, Bram is no one’s sidekick and he certainly isn’t sloppy. Bram is extremely likeable and his empathy for Eve is infectious. 

I guess the book is perhaps aimed at young adults and I am an old adult in my 40’s and I loved it.  I am so excited that it is a series and I cannot wait to read The Eve Illusion. 

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