The Borgia Ring by Michael White #BookReview #LoveBooks

| The Borgia Ring by Michael White |

When a blackened skeleton is unearthed on a building site in the City of London, no one can have the slightest idea of its extraordinary link to a plot to assassinate the Queen of Englandover 500 years ago.

But there is one very conspicuous clue. On the index finger of the body’s right hand is a gold ring topped with a brilliant, round emerald.

DCI Jack Pendragon has just transferred from Oxford to Brick Lane Police Station – in part to escape his own past. Immediately, he finds himself investigating three particularly gruesome murders. And he will need all the experience he has acquired from two decades on the force to track down a killer for whom an eerie obsession has become total madness. A killer who draws his murderous inspiration from a Renaissance family whose power and cruelty remain a living legend.

| Review by J.A. Warnock |

‘The Borgia Ring’ by Michael White is the literary equivalent of the log flume ride at a theme park. 
A log flume, in the pre-Disney days, was a cheap and effective way of moving cut timber through difficult terrain. I would be lying if I pretended to know if anyone ever attempted to ride such a contraption or if, having tried, anyone survived to tell the tale but either way the name has morphed into the amusement ride we know and love today. Now, we all know that the theme park variety uses plastic logs, is fitted with safety belts, uses ratchets to crank the kart to the top at just the right speed to create maximum anticipation and the hurtling soggy decent is generally accompanied by implausible sound effects. We know these things and we don’t care. We turn up for the fun, the adrenaline, the excitement and as long as we approach the ride in the right spirit we are guaranteed an adventure. 
If you embark on ‘The Borgia Ring’ looking for any kind of insight into the Borgia family or Jesuit missionaries then you will be sorely disappointed. If, however, you are prepared to strap yourself it and cling on for the ride then you are in for a white knuckle treat. White expertly entwines a fifteenth century saga with a modern day murder investigation. Both stories are spun separately,  a chapter of one followed by a couple of the other, ratcheting the reader one rung at a time to the point where the stories converge and we plunge gasping and spluttering in the the plunge pool at the end. I may have strayed back the the log flume but it doesn’t matter. Perfect holiday escapism. Four Stars. 

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One thought on “The Borgia Ring by Michael White #BookReview #LoveBooks

  1. This sounds like such an interesting book and it sounds like the author definitely knows how to write a suspenseful and intriguing story. I love the way you compared it to the ride and that as a reader, you just cling on and see where the excitement is going to take you 😀

    Olivia-S @ Olivia’s Catastrophe


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