What Lies Around Us by Andrew Crofts @RedDoorBooks #LoveBooks

What Lies Around Us by Andrew Crofts

It is possible that since this book’s publication you will have heard that I have died in ‘suspicious circumstances’. Obviously I hope that will not be the case, but I believe it is worth taking the risk in order to get this story out there.

Why would one of Silicon Valley’s most powerful billionaires offer a British ghostwriter a million dollars to write the autobiography of Hollywood’s biggest star?

Only once he is living and working among the world’s richest and most beautiful people does the ghost realise that there is way more than a publishing deal at stake.

The ghostwriter must face the dark underbelly of the tech industry. He must face corruption and manipulation, come to blows with people who will do anything to remain at the top of their game and uncover the dark truth behind what it really means to be an influencer . . .

What Lies Around Us takes the reader into a world of myth-makers and power-brokers and reveals who is really running the world. Who is telling the stories and controlling the way we all think with a mixture of old media, social media and fake media?

Author Guest Post

Imagine that one of the world’s most famous Silicon Valley billionaires has just offered you a million dollars to ghostwrite the autobiography of one of the world’s most famous film stars, a woman who is a sexual fantasy figure to a large percentage of the world’s population. In fact only recently you nominated her as your own fantasy figure during a drunken dinner table game with friends.

Now imagine that you are happily married to this writer who has been made the offer. You have a small baby daughter and that has helped you to recover from the loss of your previous daughter in a tragic accident. You trust your husband, of course, and a million dollars is a lot of money – still …

This is the situation that the ghostwriter and his wife find themselves in at the start of my new novel, What Lies Around Us

The million dollars will come in very useful, of course, but is it a price worth paying if it means your husband is going to become “best friends forever” with one of the world’s most attractive women?

Only once he has reached California does the ghostwriter realise that there is a reason why he is being paid so generously for the job. There is obviously way more than a publishing deal at stake. 

Everyone he meets seems to have a hidden agenda and someone is willing to kill to ensure that their plans work out. But what are those plans, who are the ultimate puppet-masters and how far are they willing to go? That is what he needs to find out.

What Lies Around Us is set in a world where ghostwriters work with presidents, (James Patterson and Bill Clinton writing The President is Missing together), and even create presidents, (Tony Schwartz who ghosted The Art of the Deal , set Donald Trump on the road to becoming the most powerful man, and the most famous name, in the world). The right book published by the right person at the right moment can actually change history.

This is the world of myth-makers, story-tellers and media manipulators – the people who invent the technology and know how to use it, the people who really run the world and shape the global conversations.

So what is the plan that has brought the ghostwriter and the film star together – and who ultimately stands to gain the most from it?

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