#BookReview Element: The Descendants of Eden by Pheobe Pach @ChrissHedley

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Today J.A. Warnock reviews The Descendants of Eden by Pheobe Pach. A romantic, sci-fi fiction tale.

💫 Back of the book

Ever wondered why Wi-Fi signals suddenly drop?
Why power suddenly evaporates? Or your TV flickers?
What about time? Have you ever had that feeling that time has passed by way too quickly? Or that it’s dragging on more than usual?
Maybe you’ve had that creeping, Deja-vu feeling ticking over your spine?
That’s The Descendants. A stronger, quicker and more aware kind of human being. They possess numerous gifts and are tasked with protecting the earth from demonic forces whilst keeping their community a secret from government officials. But, The Descendants are at the brink of extinction.
Lucy James, a depressed teenage girl with nothing left to live for, is a sign of hope.
She could also be their destruction.


Pheobe Pach is an English novelist, known for The Descendants of Eden series. A collection of young adult, fantasy romance novels. At present, only her debut novel ‘Element’ is available but there are a further three in the planning stages.

Pheobe lives in the North East of England with her husband, their two small children and pet dog. She spends her time fashioning rhyming stories for her children but her passion is young adult fiction. She lives a simple life which bends harmoniously around her writing career and in her spare time enjoys walking, reading and star gazing.

Connect with Pheobe: pheobepach@gmail.com

💫Review by J.A. Warnock

Element: The Descendants of Eden by Pheobe Pach

Boil Pheobe Pach’s ‘Element: The Descendants of Eden’ down to basics and it is the story of a group of young adults trying to establish their place in the word.  Most people will be able to appreciate the question “why am I here?” some may have asked it of themselves. The novel starts in a dark place; toes over the edge of the platform, a freeze frame between this world and the next.  A world that goes black.

What follows is a story of self-discovery which could have been boring or run of the mill were it not for the Pach’s interesting take on the world.  Her synopsis speaks directly to the reader. “Ever wondered why WiFi signals suddenly drop […] or your TV flickers?” Not a character’s TV, your TV. She starts with undisputable facts then, cleverly blending the plausible and the surreal, offers up her book as a fantastical explanation.

Lucy James feels out of place in the modern world not because she is a sullen or dysfunctional teenager but because she is a Descendant.  If I am being truthful she is also a sullen and dysfunctional teenage but as the story unfolds we begin to understand the reasons why. Pach creates a world where generous helpings of good, evil, demons and mystical abilities are served up alongside realism and recognisable emotions.  It seems that wanting and trying to fit in is pretty similar whether it be in high school, the tennis club or a demonic community. If fantasy is your thing, this is well worth a read. Three Stars.

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