Announcing the Love Books Group – Book of the Year for 2018! UNDER THE ICE by Rachael Blok @MsRachaelBlok @HoZ_Books

Happy New Year everyone, I am over the moon to announce my top book pick of 2018. It was a tough fight for the number one spot and then I read the winning book and it was an easy choice.

The 2018 winner is Rachael Blok with Under the Ice. This atmospheric psychological crime fiction thriller will have you gripped. It was unpredictable and the writing by Rachael Blok is superb.

Under the Ice: The unputdownable thriller for winter 2018 by [Blok, Rachael]

I read it in one sitting and it had me up till the wee hours. But it was worth it, I felt shaken and raw from my bookish journey. A writer that makes you into a detective but it’s so cleverly written you will have no clue what is happening.

This book can be read at any time of the year not just at Christmas.

💫 Back of the Book

It is the week before Christmas and the cathedral city of St Albans is blanketed by snow. But beneath the festive lights, darkness is stirring. The frozen body of a young girl is discovered by the ice-covered lake.

The police scramble for clues. A local woman, Jenny, has had visions of what happened the night of the murder. But Jenny is an exhausted new mother, whose midnight wanderings pull her ever closer to the lake. Can Jenny be trusted? What does she really know?

Then another girl goes missing, and the community unravels. Neighbour turns against neighbour, and Jenny has no idea who to believe. As Christmas Eve approaches, Jenny discovers a secret about her past – and why she could be key to everything…

St Albans, Christmas, snow, ice, winter, thriller, psychological thriller, crime, police procedural

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