#BookReview – The Penned Guin – The Big Blue

Today on the Love Books Group blog, J.A. Warnock reviews our first ever comic strip book.  The Penned Guin by the Big Blue. Read on to find out more about this intriguing book. 

Who are they?

The Penned Guin is the award-winning comic strip featuring the fun antics of a funny group of penguins penned by writer/artist Alan Henderson. With family-friendly humour for all, the daily webcomic has been running for over 5 years and appears on a variety of social media:
Tumblr    /    Facebook     /   Instagram

The Latest Collection

“The Big Blue” is the most recent collection that pulls together almost 180 of the daily comic strips that appeared on-line from July 2017 to February 2018. The A5 landscape book is 100 pages packed full with penguin laughs and giggles featuring puns, dad jokes and cringing gags – as our penguin crew face the trials of traveling by plane; cope with being separating; and go fishing.

The book is available for purchase for £7 here- https://pennedguin.bigcartel.com/product/the-penned-guin-the-big-blue

♥ Review ♥

The Penned Guin Presents The Big Blue’ by Alan Henderson is definitely a book to dip into rather than to read.  I will admit this puts me at a bit of a disadvantage as a reviewer who needs to get it, read it and write it up before the boss lady gets impatient but I have given it a go.  In basic terms, this a collection of fairly simple, three panel comic strips.  The sort of book that is the perfect stocking filler; it has something for everyone and a can guarantee a quick hit of general cheer.   

Sticking with the Christmas theme, the book includes a fair selection of what I would deem cracker jokes.  You must know the ones I mean.  Utterly inoffensive and so bad that the entire family can unite to enjoy their dreadfulness.  Fozzie Bear in the Muppet Show could not save this type of joke and neither can two pen and ink penguins.  You really just have to embrace them in all their horror. 

I mentioned something for everyone so must also confess to being pleasantly surprised by the subtlety of many of these comic strips.  I love to see people (or penguins) being clever so the tiny visual details and quirks of language really appeal to me.  Some of the observations are utterly original and absolutely spot on.

‘The Big Blue’ is one of those books that does exactly what is says on the tin. 

By J.A. Warnock for Love Books Group

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