#BookNews – Elma the Elf and the Tinsel-Tastic Sled Zeppelin – 24 Chapter Christmas Advent Book, by @cranachanbooks #ElmatheElf #TopReadPick #MustRead #KidsFiction

I am SO very excited to tell you about this fantastic release by Pokey Hat.  I love the idea of reading a chapter a night on the lead up to Christmas morning. If it’s for your children, nieces and nephews, grandkids or even just for YOURSELF. It is the perfect book to bring on the season.

This is Love Books Groups, Top Pick Read for the year!

Elma the Elf and the Tinsel-Tastic Sled Zeppelin

A 24 Chapter Countdown to Christmas Advent Book

By Nick SimonsCamilla Victoria Storm


  • Elfs
  • Reindeer
  • Christmas
  • Snow
  • Children’s Fiction

♥ Blurb ♥

Put the magic back into Christmas with Elma the Elf and her mission to save Santa and his reindeer. With 24 chapters, it’s perfect for parents and children to share during Advent to countdown to the big day!
Santa’s gone. It’s time to fix Christmas.
Meet Elma the Elf: a chatterbox, an inventor and a pain in the Christmas pudding! Elma is about to start her dream job at Santa’s Toy Factory. But all is not well in the Arctic Circle… Santa is missing and there’s only one mangy reindeer left—Comet!

Can Elma save Christmas with Comet’s help? Where is Santa? How will the presents be delivered in time? Who’s the sinister fellow (with weird hair) sabotaging her plans? And just how cold does it have to be to freeze bogies?

♥ Buy Link ♥


Order your copy direct from Cranachan Publishers tomorrow (17/10/18)! These are going to run out very fast. It is such a great idea and everyone needs Elma the Elf in their life!

Published – 17/10/2018

Click to order from Cranachan – only £6.29

Click to pre-order from Amazon – £6.99


It is #ChocolateWeek2018 –  15 – 21st October – Be sure to enter our giveaway over on Twitter.

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