#AuthorTalk HOW TO HAVE A GREAT LIFE by Paul McGee @TheSumoGuy


How to Have a Great Life: 35 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Success, Fulfillment and Happiness

by Paul McGee

  • Motivation
  • Management & Leadership
  • Excercise
  • Non Fiction

| Synopsis | 

35 ways to success, fulfillment, and happiness

How to Have a Great Life starts with you–your strengths and amazing potential and how to develop those. It helps you understand how to tap into your ability to grow, while equipping you with insights, inspiration, and practical tools to deal with whatever life throws your way in order to achieve success and live a happy and fulfilled life.

You already have many of the tools you need to succeed–you just need to know which ones to use and how best to use them. With no-frills, funny, and emotionally intelligent advice, Paul McGee will make you think, make you laugh, and make you take action to live your greatest life possible.

  • Tap into your ability to grow
  • Find insight and practical tools to deal with whatever life throws your way
  • Slow down and live a more balanced life
  • Re-gain time and brain space
  • Improve the quality of your relationships with others

We are living faster and more frantic lives than ever before—and there’s no time like the present to catch your breath and live your best life possible.

| Author |

Paul McGee

Paul McGee is one of the UK’s leading speakers on the subject of change, workplace relationships and motivation. His provocatively titled book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) became an instant best seller and his book on Self Confidence reached number one in the WHSmith’s business book chart and remained there for a further 24 weeks. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast television and is a regular contributor to Radio 5live. Building on his background in psychology, Paul’s aim is to deliver a practical, relevant message that can make an immediate impact on people’s professional and personal lives. His approach is considered both inspirational and humorous as he seeks to deliver a memorable experience that equips people with insights and ideas to increase their personal effectiveness and impact. He’s spoken for more than 1,000 organisations in over 40 countries to date, and from Todmorden to Tehran and from Bradford to Brisbane, Paul’s messages have resonated with a global audience.

He has had the privilege of working with one of the world’s top management gurus the late Dr Stephen Covey, and his work has been endorsed by the Elite Performance Director of the British Olympic Association Sir Clive Woodward and the broadcaster Chris Evans, who described Paul’s books as “a gift to the world.” His clients include prominent blue chip organisations, public sector bodies and a leading Premiership football club.

| Author Guest Post |

5 Tips for How to Have a Great Life

We get one life. But do we know how to get the best from it? Best-selling author Paul McGee shares these five tips from his latest book How to Have a Great Life to make sure you’re living your best life.

  1. Remember You’re OK. We live in a world that fuels our insecurities. We need fixing. We are falling short. We aren’t perfect. Paul stands out from the self-help crowd by letting you know that you’re okay, that you are enough, and that when it comes to improving ourselves, we should start from a position of self-acceptance rather than self-loathing. Paul wants us to learn, grow and improve, rather than strive for perfection.
  2. Follow the Safety Announcements

Next time you’re flying pay particular attention to the part of the safety announcement that says ‘If there is a loss in the cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down. Please secure your own mask first before helping others’. That’s a great metaphor for life. The reality is, we can be so busy taking care of other people’s needs that we sometimes neglect our own.

Remember this. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s crucial to your success and sanity. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

  1. Manage your Mental Diet

Take a moment to think about the person you have most conversations with and talk to almost continuously. Guess what, its you! The question is, how helpful are those internal conversations? Do they build you up or drag you down?

Here’s one way to inject some positivity. Just before you go to sleep, review your day and come up with a list called your ‘Thankful Four’. That’s four things that you’re grateful for from that day. They can literally be anything from getting a seat on the train, to having a laugh with a colleague at work. Repeat this exercise when you wake up. By doing so you start and end each day with gratitude not a grump.

  1. Break the Golden Rule

Paul disrupts the age-old wisdom of ‘treat people how you would like to be treated’ in this thought-provoking chapter and asks: ‘how do we show love and gratitude to those around us?’ In asking us to reflect on what is important to those we care about, rather than focusing on what is important to us, Paul argues we are better able to maintain relationships. He suggests ‘what floats your boat doesn’t necessarily float mine. How about you break the golden rule and treat people as they want to be treated’.

  1. Take Your Talk for a Walk

Ever suffered from ‘Action Illusion?’ The main symptom being constantly talking about what you’re going to do rather than doing it. Here’s the deal. A great life doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by action. So, quit the talking and do some walking.


Paul’s book How to Have A Great Life was released by Capstone on June 29th 2018.

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