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The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma by Karen King

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Every summer has a story… Fun-loving travel rep Jess doesn’t want to be chief bridesmaid at her snooty cousin’s wedding, but it will cause a family feud if she refuses. She doesn’t want to fall in love either but when a raucous stag party arrives at her Majorcan hotel, Jess hits it off instantly with best man, Eddie. A summer romance is exactly what commitment-phobe Jess needs and, as the stag-do draws to a close, so does the holiday fling. She has no intentions of carrying on the summer fun but when Eddie turns up again, Jess is faced with a big dilemma.
Will this bridesmaid get the happy-ever-after she never knew she wanted…

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KK Head and Shoulders

Thanks for inviting me over to talk about the character I most like writing about. This is a difficult one because I love all of my heroines and heroes otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write their story. So, I had to think about my favourite character for a moment, and there were two main contenders. Ellie, from The Cornish Hotel by the Sea and Jess from The Bridesmaid’s Dilemma, my latest release.

I love Ellie because she is independent and has a good career but is willing to give this up to help her sick mother save the family hotel from bankruptcy I like her ‘can do’ attitude and how much she’s determined not to let anything beat her. She’s loyal, trusting and really family-orientated. The sort of person who you can rely on and would do anything for anyone.  Ellie is a ‘girl next door’ sort of character and trusts Reece when he says he’ll help her. But does he have an ulterior motive? The story is based in Cornwall, where I lived for many years, and I enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane as I wrote it.

But Jess is fun. With her ‘stop the traffic’ red hair, bubbly personality and ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude. She lives life on the wild side, doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks and although she adores her family has no qualms about going off for months at a time to work as a travel rep in glamorous locations all over the world. Jess is definitely not one for settling down, she doesn’t even have a home of her own. She lives on location most of the time and stops in her childhood bedroom at her mum’s on the odd occasion when she comes back to the UK. Then a stag party books into her hotel and she hits it off with best man, Eddie, which gives her a couple of dilemmas (I’d better not say more or I’ll give the plot away here!) I got the inspiration for the story when I was on an anniversary trip to Majorca and I had a lot of fun writing it.

Okay, I’ve decided. Jess is the character I enjoyed writing about most and I hope readers enjoy reading about her too.


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