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Restless Coffins by M.P Wright is the topic of conversation today. We have a spot on the blog tour hosted by Black and White Publishing.  We received an extra special blogger pack with beautiful handmade trinkets and a copy of the book from Black & White Publishing. Thank you so much.

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Black and White Publishing (25 Jan. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1785301586
  • ISBN-13: 978-1785301582

| Restless Coffins – M.P. Wright|


| Synopsis |


‘Brother, a dead body can’t run from a coffin, but their spirit sure as hell can try.’

1967, Bristol. Life is tough for JT Ellington, ex-cop and reluctant private eye. He’s still trading in favours, helping those scared of the police or trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

But when news arrives of a tragedy that’s unfolded thousands of miles away, JT’s life gets even tougher. He needs to journey home to Barbados to pay his final respects – but first he must travel to New York, where his cousin Vic is boss of a criminal empire.

On Harlem’s mean streets, JT is fast entangled with Evangeline – a smooth as velvet Black Panther – along with Pigfoot, a Bajan too flash with his knife. As the underworld draws him in, JT discovers the extent of Vic’s criminal activities – a web of violence that stretches to Barbados and back, and connects him to the deaths of JT’s beloved wife and daughter.

Embroiled in a world of drugs, corruption, voodoo and the legacy of slavery, can JT escape the demons of his past as he returns to the island of his birth?

| Review |

Let’s start off with the cover, it’s dark broody and mysterious.  Large bold print and inticing taglines.  A Haunted Man. A Buried Past. A Journey Into Darkness. It certainly ticks every crime fiction readers wants for a cover.

This is book three in the JT Ellington series. I really am a stickler for reading a series from book one. However, that’s just a personal preference and the books can be read as individual titles.

I thoroughly enjoyed M.P Wrights writing style. It has its own unique pace and you want to savour each sentence.  I read fast but I found myself slowing down so I could really savour the story and take in every detail.

The storyline was engaging and I liked the way it had a connection to the other books.  It was almost like a jigsaw puzzle or connect the dots game. The anticipation and excitement were energetic and I never wanted it to end.

One thing I wish was different was the way that some characters talk in an accent, it did mean I had to stop a few times to see what it meant by sounding it out.  If it had all been in English I think it would have been better for me. I know where the characters are from and I found it unnecessary and distracting.  But again this is just my personal taste and it would not deter me at all from reading more from M.P. Wright as the writing really is brilliant.

A four-star rating from me for Restless Coffins by M.P. Wright.

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