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Although part of a series, each book is stand alone.
The Great War is over, and the inhabitants of Raumsey Island struggle to regain their livelihood. Seventeen-year-old Annie Reid is a spirited, ambitious girl, determined not to end up a herring gutter or go into service.
Annie befriends a young schoolteacher, Alexander Garcia, who promises to help her further her education but, after tragedy strikes, Annie pursues a nursing career amidst the political complexity of Glasgow. Garcia dreams of a return to his Spanish roots, but Spain is also in political turmoil.
Annie’s love for the teacher remains through the years, but will love overcome the barriers and prejudice of race, religion, beliefs and distance?

My Mini Q&A with Catherine M Byrne

me latest

Hello Kelly,
I have had several short stories published in My Weekly, and won several awards for my writing. What I really wanted to write was novels, however. My first book, Follow the Dove,  won second prize in the Scottish Association of Writers Competition for best general novel. After publication, I was not eligible to enter again, until there was a new competition for best SP novel of the year.  I won second prize in that for my third novel, The Road to Nowhere.
One always strives to come first. 
I have written a contemporary novella Song for an Eagle and co-wrote a NF book, A five Takka Note which deals with the issue of modern day slavery and will be out later this year.

Describe yourself using three words? 

hard-working, honest, creative.

What inspired you to write your first novel? 

I have always wanted to write, but for many years, life got in the way. My first novel was based very loosely on factual experiences of a couple in my family tree, and on a fictional island, not a million miles from the island where I was born and brought up.

What time of day do you like to write? 

Anytime, whenever the muse visits me

What is your favourite book and why?

 Don’t really have a favourite. My reading preferences are varied.

How did you pick the title of your book?

I always have difficulty. Isa’s daughter is my latest book. Isa is the heroine of my other books but I thought I had put the poor woman through enough, so now is her time to be happy. However, her daughter is feisty, headstrong and ambitious, so the story continues with the new generation. 

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Thank you for being on my blog today Catherine, come back soon!

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