Noir at the Bar, Edinburgh

The key aim of our Noir at the Bar is to bring together authors into a safe space where they can read from their latest work or work in progress. We also want to encourage readers to interact with the authors by asking questions and learning more about the reading.

Organised by the dynamic duo, Dr Noir aka Jacky Collins and Kelly Lacey. 

Jacky Collins has a long time love for all things crime fiction. Chairing fabulous events all across the UK and beyond. Jacky’s love and passion for promoting authors who don’t get the spotlight is insatiable. 

Kelly Lacey is a social networking machine that loves connecting people. Working in the publishing world with Love Books Tours. She works hard to bring author’s books to the world with successful publicity and promotional campaigns. Kelly is also an award-winning book reviewer at

This positive & supportive non-profit event will lift your spirits and increase your TBR pile for sure.

January 2022

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November 2021

June 4th, 2020

June 4th Showcase Spotlight – Danny Marshall

Ann Bloxwich Showcase Spotlight, 21st May

21st May, Noir at the Bar Edinburgh Part One

21st May, Noir at the Bar Edinburgh Part Two

7th May, Showcase Spotlight – Suzy Aspley

30th April 2020 In the Spotlight – Sharon Bairden

30th April 2020