A Book Bloggers Dream Come True @Edbookfest #Authors #Bloggers

On the 12th of August 2017 the Edinburgh International Book Festival kicked off and there was I with my official press pass in hand.  It really was a dream come true. I had butterflies upon butterflies. Ready to immerse my mind fully into the world of books, find new adventures, make new friends and savour … Continue reading A Book Bloggers Dream Come True @Edbookfest #Authors #Bloggers

An Interview with @RonButlinMakar @BCKidsBooks @saltpublishing #Scottish #Edinburgh @edbookfest

On a sunny afternoon in Edinburgh, I was a bundle of nerves. I was about to do my first ever in-person interview. I was heading to the gorgeous Balmoral Hotel to interview author and poet Ron Butlin. I need not have been nervous it was a marvellous afternoon and I had a delightful time. Here … Continue reading An Interview with @RonButlinMakar @BCKidsBooks @saltpublishing #Scottish #Edinburgh @edbookfest