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Dark Devon Mysteries #1 The Evil Within by S.M. Hardy

On the brink of a breakdown, two years after the death of his fiancée, Jim Hawkes quits his high-powered job in the City to rent a cottage in the Devonshire countryside seeking some well-needed rest. But Slyford St James is far from the peaceful haven Jim was hoping for.Almost immediately he is plagued by strange occurrences: a combination lock that won’t open, loud noises in the attic, the figure of a little girl always just out of sight. His new village friends, Jed and Emma, are convinced Jim has found his way to the village for a reason, to solve the mystery surrounding the suspicious death of a child. But as Jim is haunted by the ghosts of his past and endangered by a real-world threat in the present, it soon becomes apparent that true evil never dies.


In “Dark Devon Mysteries #1: The Evil Within” by S.M. Hardy, readers are taken on a spine-chilling journey through the English countryside. Jim Hawkes, the main character, is dealing with the grief of losing his fiance and hoping to find some peace in a quiet cottage. However, from the start, the atmosphere is ominous and strange occurrences soon have Jim questioning his decision to move to Slyford St James.

The plot twists and turns, left me on the edge of my seat. S.M. Hardy’s writing is compelling and atmospheric, creating an eerie ambience throughout the story.

As the suspense builds, Jim’s past and present collide in a heart-stopping finale that left me breathless. The theme of true evil never dying is portrayed effectively, and I was left questioning if justice truly prevails in the end.

Overall, “Dark Devon Mysteries #1: The Evil Within” is an excellent blend of horror, suspense, and mystery. S.M. Hardy is a skilled writer who masterfully weaves together a plot that keeps readers hooked until the very last page.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a bone-chilling read.

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