The Summer Vacation – Download your FREE short story from @MikaylaDBooks today! #bookbloggers #readers #booktwitter

Mikayla Davids has released a free short story today. I am a huge fan of her work and I’m so excited to read it.

Six friends. A dream vacation. And a dead body…

It was meant to be a dream holiday. An opportunity to escape reality and enjoy a vacation in the sun with my university friends. The six of us have been there for each other, in good times and bad, throughout the last decade. They’re my second family.

Now two of our number are getting married. Jetting to the Bahamas is a celebration trip, before everything changes. I imagined cocktails by the pool, dancing on the beach, and midnight dips in the sea. But ever since we got here, a tension has been bubbling beneath the surface. Even though we love each other fiercely, our relationships are complicated.

On the third morning, Alex goes missing. He’s the wayward one of our group and he lives his life in excess – too much money, too much alcohol and too many lies. So no-one is surprised when he doesn’t return to the hotel after a big night out. Or when he doesn’t answer his phone. 

But, as the hours tick by and sunset approaches, a feeling of dread takes hold of me. Something isn’t right. I’m worried Alex is in danger.

Because I know what really happened last night.

Will we find Alex before the day is over… And will we find him alive?

Download here:

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