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The Führer’s Prophecy by Brian Klein


30 January 1939.Adolf Hitler makes an infamous speech at the Reichstag threatening “The annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe”. This vile public proclamation is seized upon by his fanatical supporters who christen it “The Führer’s Prophecy”.

November 1943A sinister plot hatched inside Block 10 of the notorious Auschwitz deathcamp is known only to a handful of Nazis as Operation Gesamtkunstwerk. It’s a plan originated by Hitler, Himmler and Mengele and now, almost eighty years later, it’s finally ready to be actioned by the direct descendants of the Führer.

April 2022.As the world emerges from the Covid pandemic, an encrypted zoom call involving five participants, based across four continents, approves a plan that could have unimaginable consequences for the State of Israel. Chief Inspector Nicolas Vargas of the Buenos Aires Police Department and Lieutenant Troy Hembury of the LAPD join forces with Lea Katz, an elite Mossad agent, in a race against time to try and prevent the unthinkable consequences of Operation Gesamtkunstwerk.

Author Interview

Brian Klein is an award-winning Television Director, with over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry. His work regularly appears on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC and Sky. Amongst his directing credits are twenty-eight seasons of the iconic car show, TOP GEAR and seven seasons of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN ROADTRIP, Sky One’s highest rating entertainment show. He has also directed two feature-length films for BBC Worldwide and five entertainment specials for Netflix. THE FÜHRER’S PROPHECY is a sequel to his best-seller, debut novel, THE COUNTERFEIT CANDIDATE.

What made you decide to pursue a career in writing?

I had an idea for a thriller that I just couldn’t get out of my head and at the end when cove happened and we were all locked down in March 2020 I lost all my TV directing work, I decided to try and write it and The Counterfeit Candidate was born. I found to my surprise that I could write and laid down 90,000 words in three months. I loved the whole experience and readers seem to love the book and since then I haven’t looked back. The Führer’s Prophecy is the sequel and I have just completed the first draft of the third book of the trilogy which is called The Last Reich.

How did you go about coming up with ideas for your book?

The first one just came to me as I had studied Hitler at University and always wondered if he really died in the bunker in April 1945 and what would happen if he didn’t. The idea for a “What If” thriller began to form and since then the two ideas for the two follow-up books came from further research and brainstorming ideas for plot with some of the same characters as they are sequels.

What challenges did you encounter during the writing process?

Many! Sometimes you work out an exciting scenario and then realise later that for various reasons the time line is wrong and the events can’t happen as you want. Other times you reach a roadblock and have to try and work out what to do. I find it’s good to trust the character and let them find a solution rather than you!

How do you keep yourself motivated to finish writing projects?

There’s always a bit of a problem around the halfway mark when you wonder if you can make it to the end but you just have to keep going. It helps if you know what the ending is as it gives you something to aim for.

Do you have any writing rituals or techniques that you rely on?

Not really – I just work off instinct.

What books or authors have inspired you throughout your writing career?

All great thriller writers like Ludlum, Baldacci, Brown,Grisham, Fleming and Lee Child.

What was the most important lesson you learned from your first published work?

Take all the feedback and advice you can find and feedback on the manuscript but believe in yourself and go with your gut

What book has had the most significant impact on you and why?

All the James Bond books as Fleming created the ultimate hero.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a writer?

What is the most memorable thing that’s happened during your career?

The sale of the TV rights of my debut book which is now being written as an 8 part TV series.

What made you want to pursue writing over any other profession?

Put in the time to research and outline your idea – can it give you great content for sixty-plus chapters – is the idea big enough to deliver that sort of content?

My main profession was TV directing but when that stopped during cover I turned to writing as a backup and now is my lead career.

How has your writing style evolved since you first started?

I think it’s sharper and more confident – the more you write the better you get !

If you can please include a high-resolution book cover.

Thank you so much, Brian, for taking the time to be on my blog today. I am very grateful that you stopped by.

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